I am generally a fan of Arizona, or at least how Arizona operates.  Open Carry, Sheriff Joe, Jan Brewer, the aggressive stance on the illegal invasion and pointing out the very real costs and dangers of the same.  Fighting the Feds at every turn.  They don’t even follow daylight savings.  Last state to accept MLK day.  48th and last of the contiguous states to be admitted to the Union.  They have Tombstone and Boot Hill.  Granted, Thelma and Louise was filmed in Utah, but that plunge off the cliff was scripted in Arizona. There is a romance to Arizona, a wild beauty that is dangerous and seductive at the same time.  Dierks Bentley was born in Phoenix!  Not too bad Arizona.

Given all of this, how is it that Wild West Arizona would even consider a cyber bully bill?    Arizona House Bill 2549, which is now on Gov. Jan Brewer’s desk for signature, was created to counter bullying and stalking. The law would make it a crime to use any electronic or digital device to communicate using “obscene, lewd or profane language” or to suggest a lewd or lascivious act, if done with the intent to “terrify, intimidate, threaten, harass, annoy or offend.”  In other words, using the internet.

Whatever happened to FREEDOM?  Come on Arizona!

8 thoughts on “Arizona

      • Indeed, the Bill of Rights only applies to them and to those who agree with them And while we’re on the subject, what ever happened to a good old ass-whooping? Bullies will bully as long as they can, but as soon as one fights back, they whine and complain about how “mean” that person is. Those glassy eyed idiots see me as a nice, petite, respectful Conservative woman….. but as soon as they start spewing their lies and deceit, I get up close and personal with them. As in IN YOUR FACE and I can yell louder than they can. They never expect it coming from a sweet, innocent looking lady like me. That’s when they try their alinsky tactics. Little do they know that I know their alinsky better than they do, so I throw it right back in their face. WHen they see that I won’t allow them to make me a victim, they leave me alone. That’s how bullies roll. Punch them in their snout and they cry and run.

  1. Sorry but of course I don’t get this cyber bully crap. I’m a child of the (school age) late ’40’s early ’50’s, we had kids of all ages in grammer school then. There was R. Rear in his teens when I was nine. Made me pay a dime to leave schoolyard and walk home. No I didn’t whip his you know what. I would’ve if I thought I could’ve. It was only fists and sweat back in those days, no weapons. But didn’t worry about it all day. I learned another way home. You got cyber bully…click delete. Me and Rear grew up. He finally killed someone and got life for it. Last I heard was forty, maybe nearly fifty, years ago. He’s still in there as far as I know, won’t be checking, will let well enough alone.

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