3 thoughts on “Its all about race now – HUMAN EVENTS

  1. So why is it that we are still talking about race? The concepts of race and racism are modern inventions, a dominant ideology created by a society that needed to dominate. Unfortunately, in America’s mixed society of today, race and ethnicity have been promoted as an explosive issue. Mixed American’s have never been more assimilated, integrated and intermarried when Obama plays up to racial tribalism blaming his sinking polls on racial bigotry with his latest indirect slur against a mixed Hispanic labeled a “White Hispanic”. I have heard slurs such as “Coconuts” for Hispanics and “Apples” for Natives, now they dilute a persons race with “White”. What happened to s/he is an American? Strange move for a politician that panders to the Hispanic vote and is an open border advocate. Wake up people and think!! Racism is used in class warfare by Marxists to drive a wedge between workers for the benefit of the ruling class and used to justify economic exploitation. You that promote a race war are being pawned like Lemmings and Sheep People.
    Look what the author of “The Communist Manifesto” (Marxism) had to say to the people after the Civil War. Hitler, Lenin, Stalin that committed genocide were all guided by the writings of Marx:
    “Let your citizens of today be declared free and equal, without reserve,” and warned that “your victory will be complete” only if you “remove every shackle from freedom’s limb.” ~Karl Marx

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