Obama Has Taken Dictatorial Power (Clinton Democrat Dick Morris)

Wake up America!


Obama Assumes Dictatorial Powers is the view of Clinton Democrat advisor Dick Morris, not a rabid, right-wing-nut drooling onto his bayonet as he shrieks about the Prez. I’ll admit mentioning these laws before Morris brought them up, but I’ve never advised the White House as a Top Democrat so maybe no one was listening.

Mr. Morris is a little unfair here, the President hasn’t  ‘assumed’ the powers; Congress provided them and he simply ran with them. His choice, of course to run with them; he could have said: “No thanks!” You may have heard about this but I’ll bet you haven’t heard that some big shot Democrats aren’t too happy about it. Some actually seem to worry about the country!

The first is President Obama’s statement in open court that he has the power to kill anyone, anywhere, any time he (and he alone) believes they are a ‘threat.’ He defines what a…

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7 thoughts on “Obama Has Taken Dictatorial Power (Clinton Democrat Dick Morris)

  1. Thanks for the reblog Cowboy. Good one. Oh want to know our fuel cost last year drum roll…..Almost 100,000.00. Did our taxes this week. Now if fuel goes up how much longer does one actually think the truck will be able to run, with all other added expense. Are you an owner operator or drive for a company? Either way somehow the fuel charge is going to have to be compensated for? Just some FYI on our fuel. Good post. God Bless, SR

    • Insane isn’t it? And that will directly impact the costs of everything. I’m a company driver. Been holding off on the owner route because I want to see where fuel prices go. A lot of people got burnt pretty bad last time.

  2. Probably a wise thing to do at this time. The only thing good about it, is it means less taxes. You always have to have around 20,000 -30,000 on hand in case of overhaul, and that gets a little hard to do, when your fuel is 100,000.00. You have to have it for overhaul repair and loss of income. It is beginning to get a little tight. Yes, it is insane. God Bless, SR

  3. Cowboy, I like your style!
    Just getting into this blogging stuff and checking out the neighborhood. For those of us who have been around the block a few times all this manure with, His Worship, Obama got old a long time ago. First tank of gas I ever bought was at 23 cents a gallon. Our Harvard Law Review editor knows nothing about the energy that made this country great. All this solar, wind and these so called renewable energies are no more than a dream for His Worship and his ilk. As an Engineer who worked 27 years in power houses fired by the coal, oil and nuclear fuels I know what got us to the top of the heap. I also watched the EPA and the NRC cripple that very same industry. In the day it was those plants that made manufacturing profitable and allowed the trucker who delivered those goods at reasonable cost and profit.
    Not sure we’ll ever see those days again, so we can only hope that can stop it before it gets any worse. I think that November will be a referendum on exactly on whats wrong. I think it will clearly show it’s the Congress critters and the great pretender himself. I have great confidence that the quiet working folk of this great nation, who’s patience has been tested, have now been awakened. I only pray that we do it peacefully.

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