‘Green’ Policies Depriving CA Cities of Energy Industry Jobs


Much has been written about how public sector unions, bloated pension plans, government waste, and poor fiscal planning led to California cities like Stockton, Mammoth Lakes, and San Bernardino to end up bankrupt. Many other California cities — especially in the Inland Empire area — are on the verge of fiscal insolvency.

What has not been discussed as much, though, has been how California’s green energy and environmentalist policies may have contributed to pushing these cities closer to bankruptcy and depressing their economies. 

Joel Kotkin at The Daily Beast writes that many of California’s most energy-rich cities are among its poorest because they are shackled by laws and regulations that prevent them from capitalizing on their energy reserves. 

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‘Green’ Policies Depriving CA Cities of Energy Industry Jobs.

3 thoughts on “‘Green’ Policies Depriving CA Cities of Energy Industry Jobs

  1. Hey Cowboy…reading everyday. No where California, so really can’t comment, except…saw a comment on some site “US would be where California is if there were no republicans.” Realize republicans not necessarily conservatives. So US is close. You mention prior Jefferson “classic” liberal in his day. In same sense dems and reps today are “classic” conservatives, preserve the status quo. Classically, folks I read and comments I make sometimes we are “reactionaries.” Go back to day of abiding by Constitution and Law of the Land. Preserve and enhance the status quo is what we are seeing…Obama, Romney, Reid, McConnell, Pelosi, Boehner , and most of the rest. Transformation?…haven’t you seen for years…prove your innocence?

    Anyway just staying in touch.

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