Smile When You Say That…

It’s not my job to judge.

It’s my hobby.


On a run right now from Los Angeles to NYC which takes me through some of my favorite areas which some people call fly over states.  Personally I’d be just fine avoiding L.A. and N.Y.C. and staying in all those other areas that are generally ignored by those in the big cities.  Coming off of some time at home reminds me of how much I miss my wife and kids, but I know I am out here for a reason.  God will take care of the rest in His time.

As for that picture, that’s chicken fried steak, or what people in those fly over states call dinner, and it is some good eatin’!  No, it isn’t chicken.

Been reading all of your blogs and comments while out here, and keeping up on the news.  For the former, a sincere thank you!  I love what y’all write about and keeping everyone up on what is going on.  I also love your comments and interactions.  Haven’t been here long but real glad I found this place.  No, I’m not a Harvard professor, but I’m of the opinion that a Harvard education is over-rated.  Could do a few blogs on that topic alone.  Hard to believe it was a Christian university once upon a time.

I actually did go to college.  A real Christian university no less.  I am just a few units shy of my degree, and that all lower division.  I don’t know that I ever will finish.  At one point I wanted to teach, and write.  Not a good time to get into teaching now, and at this point I’m not sure that I’d even want to.

As for writing, I’m doing that here.  I absolutely enjoy it, and it is good to connect with people and exchange ideas.  I need to learn more about WordPress and download office so I can write things out before I come on here.  I prefer it that way.  Gives it a little more polish, and if y’all are willing to check out what I put up, I want to honor your time with some effort to make it worth while.  This post excluded, however any suggestions on WordPress or in general are greatly appreciated!

The Conservative Hillbilly made my day today.  Check out his post here.  His post is dead on.  Could not agree more, and thank you brother for mentioning me.  I am honored.  Pass you a frosty one any time!

Fixin’ to turn in for the night.  It’s been a pretty good day, and again, thank you all for your time, your comments, and your subscriptions.


7 thoughts on “Smile When You Say That…

  1. I as well enjoy reading your blog. NYC huh?? Do not even mention that word to my husband, he had rather quit trucking:>) He left yesterday and him leaving yesterday was somewhat hard on both of us. Reality sat in though and we knew it had to be, as that is what keeps us going. Thank you also for the time you take to read our blogs. Have a good day and trip. God Bless, SR

    • I’m not going back to NYC. Third time and it does not get any better. It is a rough life, but it puts the bread on the table! Thank you and my prayers are with you and he as he travels the highway.

      • Hey Cowboy,

        Yep, it puts bread on our table too. “Not going back to NYC” boy have I heard that one:>)))) The funny thing is though, it has really held true:>) You and yours are in my prayers as well. Get home to them safely. God Bless, SR

  2. NYC is okay for visiting but I wouldn’t ever want to live there. Harvard is definitely overrated. I would call those who have attended Harvard the ignorant, snobbery elites. That chicken fried steak looks delicious!

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