Too Fat for Victoria’s Secret

Kate Upton is too fat for Victoria’s Secret?  Are they serious?  What exactly to they want?  Rail thin women that look like 12-year-old boys?

Does she look fat to you?

What kind of message is that?

It’s very sad that Victoria’s Secret casting director Sophia Neophitou would make the statements that she made.  There was a time when a curvy blonde was pretty much the Victoria’s Secret model, but that was back when men couldn’t wait for their wives or girlfriends to get the catalogue and encouraged them to shop there.  The fact that Kate Upton, and yes, Laetitia Casta, the former face of Victoria’s Secret (back when Victoria’s Secret actually had a clue) have both been in Sports Illustrated tells you that VS no longer has a clue what men want.

Lingerie is supposed to be sexy, that IS the point, but don’t use models that have curves.

I fail to see it.

Victoria’s Secret should take a clue from their past.  Too fat?!  Y’all are NUTS!


Skinny vs. Curvy

It amazes me that women seem to believe that looking like 12-year-old boys is sexy.  If you look at women’s magazines the models are far too skinny, and frankly, that isn’t sexy.  I’m not sure where the disconnect came between what women think looks sexy and what men thinks looks sexy, but it is truly sad the lengths some women go to meet an ideal that is anything but.  Have you women ever looked at a men’s magazine?  Victoria’s Secret was far more appealing when Laetitia Casta was gracing their pages.  Miranda Lambert is far sexier than Leann Rimes, and so it is!  Curves are good.  Healthy is good.  I have added a few photos to illustrate my point.