Giant Sucking Sound

Giant sucking sound?!  Can y’all hear it now?  Why is it the guys that actually make sense, the ones that would actually work for us never get close?

As for NAFTA, it was said that the winners were the consumers who would be given a greater variety of goods at cheaper prices, but the fact is if you don’t have a job, if you have to compete with slave wages and give up your first world standard of living, you lose.  Everything is expensive when there are no jobs.  Massive deficit, falling wages and benefits, bankrupt communities, high unemployment, and unilateral free trade with China.  Open borders with Mexico.  The only real mystery is why we were sold out.  Do we really want to wait until wages in Mexico and China rise to our decline?  Is it our goal to be 3rd World?

GM gets a bail out on your dime, and after closing Pontiac, Hummer, Saturn, and shutting down American plants, the start building in China, including a new $1.1 billion dollar factory.  Between 2010-2014 GM’s restructuring plan calls for a 98% increase in the number of vehicles it will be importing into the United States from Mexico, Korea, Japan and China, with the number of imports from these countries increasing from 371,547 to 736,743. As a result, the share of GM’s sales in the U.S. market that will be imported from these countries will increase from 15.5% to 23.5%. The overall number of vehicles GM will be importing in 2014 represents the production of four assembly plants, the same number that GM plans to close in the United States.

Yes, cheap cars that only Chinese can afford because you aren’t buying a damned thing if you don’t have the money.  They have the money, thus why GM says they need to build there.

We sit on huge untapped oil reserves as well as natural gas and we don’t touch it.  We put up wind farms that are ugly as sin because it is “good for the environment” or so they say.  A pipe going across the plains is horrible but row after row of these eyesores is somehow a good thing?  Somehow wildlife is keen on this, but not on a pipeline?

What do they do that benefits us?  Pass a law to order us to buy health insurance?  Open the borders for illegal aliens?  Force Catholic institutions to give Sandra Fluke birth control?  Teach about homosexuals in kindergarten?  Ban God from the public realm?  They damned sure make sure you are taxed before you are paid, when you are paid, when you spend, and when you die.  They need the revenue.We have illegals to support, factories to build overseas, and a lot of regimes to topple for the Taliban.

How about this?  How about the U.S. government start looking out for our interests and leave the rest alone?  Freedom backed by a government that put our “selfish” interests first made us great.  Obama can say he is sorry all he wants (and yes, he IS sorry), but I assure you, when the Chinese are on top, they are not going to lay down their success for us.