Happy Birthday

Y’all, I need to get this off my chest…

Nancy Pelosi recently had a birthday, and I stated that I didn’t think zombies had birthdays.  I never should have said that.  Although it is true that she and her ilk want to consume brains to add to their mindless masses.  Still, it was wrong to compare Pelosi to a zombie.

Zombies are far more honest.  They don’t try to fool you.  You know exactly who you are facing when you face a zombie.  Therefore, I offer my sincere apology to zombies everywhere.  Although there are striking similarities between liberals and zombies, liberals are far more threatening.

Not a Bucket List

Just some things I would really love to do, and no, the list is not in order.

1.   Visit the battlefield in Murfreesboro.  I want to stand where my Great Great Grandfather stood.

2.   Spend a week in Nashville with a pocket full of cash, and a nice room to crawl back to.

3.   Have a double round of Crown with John Rich.

4.   Jump out of a perfectly good airplane with a parachute that works!

5.   Have drinks with my cousin Larry on the Riverwalk after visiting the Alamo.

6.   Visit Deadwood.

7.   Have a Burger from Hell in Amarillo.

8.   Beat the 72oz steak challenge at The Big Texan.

9.   Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

10.  Own a Martin six string.

11.  Write a book people would read.

12.  Ride a horse from Amarillo to Lubbock.

13.  Move!

14.  Own my own semi.

15.  Dive in the Caribbean.

16.  See the monument in Tennessee to the Mulberry Riflemen.

17.  Dude Ranch like “Cowboy U“.

18.  Fire a Colt M1861 Navy Revolver.

19.  Run a marathon.

20.  Shot the rapids on the Colorado River.