Rules for Radicals

Seems this blog is coming to the attention of some who don’t agree with the views presented here.  That’s fine.  I don’t have an issue with that.  I recognize the division in this nation, and have posted about that in the past.  Sometimes, someone will try to post “an opposing view”, however I’ve yet to have one that reflected civility or respect.  In fact many are down right vile. I’m not opposed to hearing people’s views, even opposing views, but I’m not looking for a debate or a fight.  I will not let stand a post that reflects the bigotry and hatred of the left, which is extreme.  It’s a shame too as a couple of times I have wanted to discuss what people had wanted to post, but again, I’m not going to let that stand.  Dialogue is fine, but diatribe rules the day.  I’m not offended, but what’s the point?  If you can’t get past the George Lopez posturing, don’t bother.  Your response won’t stand, and I won’t reply.  You are not demonstrating any error in the posts, but rather displaying your own racist bigotry and hate.  Also, please, we can all read Soros and crews propaganda, no need to cut and paste their lies and distortions.  Michael Moore may have set the tone for the left, but not everyone buys into the lies.  How sad for those who do.  An honest response with basic respect will likely stand and be responded to, but anything else don’t waste your time or mine.  The readers and visitors will never see it.