Update to “Crazy Times”


NBC has decided not to air the “Donkey Semen” episode of Fear Factor.  This story is revolting on so many levels.  Air or not, the contestants were required to drink it, and someone thought that was entertainment.  Is this really what passes for entertainment now?

Yes cat, I agree!

These Crazy Times of Ours

Ok everyone, I have some new stories to share with y’all!  Click the link to read some really interesting stories.  Feel free to comment!

I can’t say that I have ever been a Fear Factor fan.  I think it is more freak show than entertainment.  It looks like they are running out of ideas.  This stunt absolutely crosses the line.  Come on people!

Are people really eating fetuses?  Seriously?!

I can respect this.  After getting a speeding ticket, a SC mayor pulled over the Trooper who gave him the ticket.

Anyone remember playing tag as a kid?  Times have changed!

It seems that ghosts have been busy lately, or at least a lame excuse.  Check this story out.

And don’t forget this one where the ghost beat up the man’s wife.

This idiot wanted to fight a cop.  So he calls 911 and asks to see an officer so he can fight one.

This woman spent 902 days on the toilet.  That’s 2.5 years on the pot.

This story gives trailer trash a whole new meaning!

A California police officer was having sexual relations with a minor, but no need for a trial.

I am so glad the police found this child.  What kind of mother would do this?

I’m starting to wonder if the chemtrail conspiracy people are right after all!


Support the Arts

One man sees a play which he really enjoys.  He tells his friends that they should go see it and they do, thus the play is a success.

Another man sees a play that he really enjoys.  He tells his friends and everyone else that they must give the play $5.  It does not matter if they see it or not.  To those who object he offers scorn and criticism for their failure to support the arts, and forcibly takes the money from them.  After all, the play is art and must have support.

The former reflects the natural order of things, while the latter reflects governments view of things.

Personally, I prefer the former.