News from The Associated Press on Arizona SB 1070

Quote from today’s SCOTUS hearing on SB 1070…  “It seems to me that the federal government just doesn’t want to know who’s here illegally and who’s not,”  Even in the article the spin is that all Hispanics want open borders, a view which I do not believe.  If the Obama Administration loses Obamacare, and loses the battle against Arizona, let’s hope it is a series of losses that lead to a BIG LOSS for Obama in November.

via News from The Associated Press.

Stand with Arizona and Against the Illegal Invasion

One of the most fundamental roles of government is securing the national borders.  Both Republicans and Democrats have failed miserably in this basic task.  Any nation that does not have borders is not truly sovereign.  Arizona has stepped into the void, standing on the front lines of this invasion and paying a heavy price for the federal governments unwillingness to enforce our laws.  In this Arizona has come under much fire from various groups and the federal government itself.

They’re even having to face Mexican drug gangs armed by our Justice Department!

I still find the argument strange that the feds would say that this is our responsibility and not Arizona’s.  Where the federal government has failed to fulfill its role, is it not imperative for the state to step in and protect their own people?  I am sharing a petition in support of Arizona, and I ask all of you who do support Arizona and SB 1070 to take time to sign this petition and share it with others.

We Stand With Arizona, and Against Illegal Immigration Petition | GoPetition