450,000,000 rounds and Amish Terrorists

Yes, RT is not a fan of the U.S., but the question remains; Why does the Dept of Homeland Security need 450,000,000 hollow point rounds for the .40 caliber.  Must be those Amish terrorists and their poison milk!


FDA and Federal Judge Shut Down Amish Farm for Selling Raw Milk

Is this really what we want our nation to be?  Going after the Amish and that poor man in Georgia who had too many chickens?

(NaturalNews) The drama of FDA tyranny versus raw milk freedom continues from one state or province to another, almost like episodes from a dystopian TV series.

First, the Amish farmer Dan Allgyer and his wife Rachel were forced to shut down their Pennsylvania farm after two years of harassment from federal agents for selling raw milk to a food club in the Washington D.C. area.

The Allgyers were advised to switch to a cow-sharing system for the raw milk distribution, which they did in order to comply with legal statutes in their area that would avoid interstate commerce issues.

But they were betrayed by a judge who upheld the FDA’s position of having jurisdiction over private property. Dan and Rachel Allgyer had been supplying the privately-owned Grassfed On The Hill food club with raw milk and free range eggs for six years prior to the Allgyers’ forced shut-down. No one died or got sick.

The next episode in this ongoing drama takes place in Wisconsin, where Amish farmer Vernon Hershberger is making a stand for his right to provide raw milk under a private herd-share agreement with the Right To Choose Healthy Food (RTCHF) food club.

An attorney is providing free counsel to Hershberger as he is committed to proving his rights as a farmer of healthy food within the legal system by standing trial with the possibility of a jail sentence and/or stiff fines.

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FDA & federal judge shut down Amish farm for selling raw milk.