Whistlin' Dixie


It is not reasonable or right to seek to erase another’s culture, to wage war against their history, their faith, their very identity. A war based not on fact, but on misunderstanding and distortions of truth. The failure to understand that none are perfect, or to extend charity, is to deny the humanity of all.


7 thoughts on “Heritage

  1. The great Gen. Robert E. Lee was deeply hurt by the simple fact that the federal government would attack his state. Gen Lee never fought to keep slavery in place, in fact, he despised it. He wrote about it. He fought the fight we are still fighting today: An over reaching federal government that is taking our rights from us.

      • The struggle imho has been the same from the very beginning of the Republic. Are we replacing the old with something new, or are we simply changing kings? If it were slavery, that issue has been resolved, but the truth is the real issue, the central issue for all of us still remains a struggle and will remain so as long as there are those who strive to rule over free people.

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