Obamas Soviet Mistake – English pravda.ru

Coat of arms of the Union of Soviet Socialist ...

Coat of arms of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics from 1958 to 1991 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There was a time when I could never see myself agreeing with Pravda on anything!  My how the times have changed.  Excellent article you’d be hard pressed to ever find in the American Propaganda Machine aka the Mainstream Media.


Read it and comment….


Obamas Soviet Mistake – English pravda.ru.



2 thoughts on “Obamas Soviet Mistake – English pravda.ru

  1. I wasw stunned. Russia admits it killed millions, was ruthless and put the State above the Church. But, it now looks at the USA and Obama and says that while we lose our Church, it grows there. While we lose our freedom, it thrives there. WTF have we come to when Russia says Oboma and the ACLU have done more damage than Russia ever could have done. Makes one truly wonder if we have already lost.

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