It’s Bush’s Fault!

I find it funny how so many are saying that Obama won and we should just “shut up” and not talk about him.  Of course that makes zero sense.  Seriously, not only did Bush win his reelection, but they are STILL talking about him.  Obama didn’t exactly win a landslide either, no matter how they spin it.  Three million votes, that’s it, and there are questions hanging over this election, bigger questions than in either of Bush’s campaigns.  Considering there is a full effort to radically transform the United States, something that has nothing to do with race, gender, or birth control, coupled with a sour economy that is likely to get worse, don’t expect people to fall in line with the Obama faithful.  That’s simply not going to happen.  If Romney had won, the liberals would still fight.  In fact, that was one advantage I saw in a Romney victory; the media would actually watch him instead of spouting off his talking points.  As the federal government moves beyond it’s limits further and takes a one size fits all approach to the states and the people (regardless of who is in the White House or the Congress), trampling our rights in the process, there will be division, and yes, it will get louder.


4 thoughts on “It’s Bush’s Fault!

  1. I think some of us are still so stunned (shell-shocked) that so many still follow
    Obama like sheep ….never questioning what he does….
    words fail me over this election,
    I think I am glad I can grow my own food…and other ways to be self sufficient, for I have a feeling when the world has another “all important life changing scandal in some Hollywood celebs life” that consumes the headlines once again I will need that set of skills
    what a painful lesson America is in for….

      • it is going to be the history making presidency though

        I am just not so sure about how the books will be written, but then most history books these days seem to omit logic…

      • Myths are propagated to promote agendas, and rarely have basis in truth. When a mythology is built around a man, it’s very had to break through that regardless of the reality, or how comic book the presentation is. It is history making, and not in the obvious that he is our first black President, but rather in the radical changes he has brought and continue to brings to our nation.

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