8 thoughts on “America Rising

  1. I don’t know what liberals need to see…hard to do if blind like Sheik. It’s what conservatives and moderates need to see. Not CIA statement saying …no order from here. That see would be Petraeus resigning and saying “you don’t cover my guys back…I stand down.” Actions speak louder than words. That would be all that gets MSM attention, maybe. Let that be my Oct. Surprise. I’m still trying to learn to do “round the world” with my yoyo some foreign guy sold me for 15 cents (no cent key on modern communication apparatus) after school in the mid ’50’s. Slow learner me. 🙂

  2. And it’ll only get stranger. I’m about ready to pack up and head to the mountains of Idaho or the canyons of Texas. I hate watching a tragedy happen. It’s like watching a car wreck with children inside. Not good at all. 😦

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