Liberal Boomers Come of Age

Liberal Hippie Boomers 1968- “We want to be free! We want to be free to do what we want to do! We want to be free to get high and make love. And we want to live without being hassled by The Man, or fighting in some stupid war. Never trust The Man! F*ck the Establishment! Power to the people!”

Liberal Hippie Boomers 2012-“We want to rule! We want to tell you what to do! We want to continue to tear everything down, and force everyone to conform because we are The Man! We sold out our inheritance from the Greatest Generation, and will bankrupt our grandkids on the way out! Not a problem to send others to fight in stupid wars because it ain’t our asses on the line now. We are the Establishment! The power is OURS!”

The largest generation, the one’s that set out to tear down everything handed to them by the blood sweat and tears of the Greatest Generation, the ones who came of age name calling and screaming to be left alone are now the ones in charge.  The liberals of that generation gave us Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Kerry, Jerry Brown, Bill Ayers, wackos like Jane Fonda and Roseanne Barr, and yes, Barack Obama is their love child.

Funny how time has turned them into the fascists they accused “The Man” of being.  Funny how they grew to be champions of Statism, of elitism, of conformity.  Fascists in tie-dye are no less scary. They inherited the richest nation on earth, they made themselves fat by selling off their inheritance, (our inheritance) and now, in the midst of their economic disaster, they are stealing from their kids, their grandkids, and beyond.  They had the numbers, and they took over, and everywhere they did is now a shadow of it’s former self.  They flee those bankrupt cesspools with inflated pensions and run off to conservative states to tell them how to live.  Stay in the cesspools you created.  Enjoy the fruits of your handy work.

They fought, and continue to fight to tear everything down, but the fact is they offer nothing of substance, no real replacement.  Smoke and mirrors, false promises, and lies.  Sure, they had a good soundtrack, but they charged one hell of a royalty on it.  They came in with no sense of gratitude for what was given to them, and they’ll leave with no sense of obligation toward those they leave behind.  In their minds, they were owed it.  They created it.  Their actions were right, and they will force the changes they desire, right or wrong.  Thanks Meathead!

What a long strange trip indeed!