Freedom of Speech

Freedom from Speech!  A second Olympic athlete is sent packing and the war against Chick-fil-A rages on.  Had Chick-fil-A today.  Delicious!!!  The message is coming through load and clear.  Freedom?!  That’s reserved for pornographers and socialists who follow the clearly marked lines.

9 thoughts on “Freedom of Speech

  1. Amen! and if there was a Chcik-fil-A around me, I’d be eating there every day, too! These stupid mayors are just that — STUPID!

  2. I can’t understand why Christians (especially in Chicago) aren’t up in arms over their elected Mayors announced that ‘Chick-fil-A’ does not represent the values of these cities. Man, what a statement! I guess Christians feel it takes too much energy and involvement to respond. I noticed even in the birth control controversy, it wasn’t the parishioners in the pews that took Obama to task but the Bishops. I truly believe we are like frogs in a boiling pot of water.

  3. Fortunately I have to pass by Chick-fil-A to get to Walmart once a week. Good sandwich, will buy. Call it splitting the difference or a hair. But old man needs the savings.

    As far as us frogs boiling…figure about it. All leaders have been informed…nation state is over. It is the new world order. Whether by threat or arguement …McCain to Obama realize that…Choom gang… not the Boy Scouts lead now. Call it lead if you will… cause you have to follow. Even independent rulers of mideast must be gotten rid of. Russia and China really agree… just not in tune with west, but in theirs and the NWO best interests. You think with massive nuclear threat of all three one day… West, Russia, and China can’t quell unrest. Even pipquick Iran. Maybe they can’t but you think the last holocaust has occurred? Not when progressives of all three think world population needs to be 1.5 billion for sustainability. And world is right at 7 billion.

    OK. I’ve ranted. What’s your take?

  4. Of course…fat lady would have to receive inspiration…and no man or fat lady knows the day or the hour. But until then…please ABO!

  5. The owner can voice his opinion and it reflects directly on his business. He has every right to be an ignorant jerk off and refuse to support gay rights. But we can also just not support his business (even though they do make a good chicken sandwich it has BOTHING to do with his idiocy).
    Voula Papachristou is not American abd the Olympics are not an American org. What the Olympic committee says, is what will be enforced and she was sent packing for a damn good reason.

    • You’re right, she is not an American, but if we hold to certain values do we forget those values when it comes to others who are not Americans or in international organizations that we participate in. She is a young woman who made a stupid statement, as young people often do. Joe Biden is still VP and he can hardly claim the foolishness of youth. Thanks for the comment.

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