You may use the term teabagger or right winger, but I prefer to think of myself as a traditional American. You know, the kind that believe in God and the Constitution. The kind who think that America is exceptional, and that our greatness lies not in surrendering our rights and money to a federal government, but in who we are as a people, especially when we look to one another as family, friends, and neighbors.

Mayberry was a fictional place, but it speaks to all of us because it’s who we strive to be. No, perfection doesn’t come this side of eternity, and it absolutely doesn’t come from a massive gov’t seeking to enforce some ideal by a jackbooted army of thugs. The closest we come to that ideal is when we are allowed to be free, to pursue the things that made us great, and to extend charity to one another. I am an American, and I believe in US!

1 thought on “Teabagger

  1. Same impression as to who we are as well. We are in the half who gets to pay for it. But we won’t get to put our self in the jail cell, or let our self out should it come Morning in America, if a next morning time comes. Vote on Nov 6 like your future depends on it. Maybe it does?

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