Did Barack Obama commit a felony as president of the United States?


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  In an attempt to paint Mitt Romney as guilty until proven innocent the Obama regime has declared that Mitt Romney might have committed a felony while he was in charge of Bain Capital and has demanded him to prove these claims are baseless. So this opens up the door for us to examine what Barack Obama has done in the past as well, and he isn’t all that clean either.

  How many of you remember the Joe Sestak scandal? I had forgotten about it myself until I read this story, but with the attacks on Mitt Romney the Joe Sestak story deserves a second look.

  As I wrote about here; Joe Sestak claimed that the Obama regime offered him a high ranking position in the cabinet if he simply decided not to run against Republican turned Democrat Arlen Spector in his reelection bid in 201o, and if this is true someone…

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