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80,000 jobs.  Do you know how pathetic that is?  We need an absolute minimum of 125,000 jobs a month (in light of our 313 million citizens it’s more like 200,000) just to begin to keep up with population growth.  And when you consider Obama’s godawful labor participation rate and the number of working-age Americans who have just been cast out during the cancer of this presidency, it is an abject disgrace.

But here’s the thing: you listen to Obama campaign and you’d think the last four years didn’t happen.  He’s mouthing the same garbage that he was blathering when he was running for president in 2008.  Nothing bad has happened (“the private sector’s doing fine”) or it’s anybody and anything else’s fault but the man who sits behind “the buck stops here” desk in the Oval Office.

Barack Obama is the most narcissistic, the most ignorant, the most naive and…

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  1. All the more to keep eugenics czar John Holdren a very busy little monster. Don’t you wonder what that thing has been cooking up for the American people in the dark crevices of our White House? I sure do.

    • I do too, of course. I know you know of Larry Grathwohl’s youtube. Should I post here? I think I will, even if posting to the choir.

      Holdren, Ayers, Dohrn , Van Jones, and etc. are the maggots in waiting. Waiting to catch the bride of Satan’s bouquet. Their “flower” of the mind was violated so long ago and they are abused, but through their on volition…now carrying on and abusing others, generation after generation.

      • Indeed, it’s been a long time coming. The last step is disarmament. July 27th they will sign the U S ATT, which is going to be the proverbial straw that broke the camels back. When they do that, the fan is gonna get hit…. HARD.

    • Discussion is going on at lots of websites (gun control treaty). This comment should be below those following, but Pit’s last had no “reply.” So what do you do?….leave new comment 🙂 Left (really mean right) this comment with Mark America…:

      It is dangerous territory to allow even the possibility of passage. Do you think even if all the democrat senate votes yea…enough republicans would too, to get to 66. Senate has to ratify after president’s sig. Ratification requires even more votes than filibuster of 60. I think that’s right. 2/3 of 100 is 66…and a third. But who knows… all rules and laws and Constitution seem out the window now.

      What think you Pit and Cowboy?

      • oops. It did come as follow up. Sorry about how posting always works, but still making same point.

      • I think the POTUS will continue his attack on the Constitution and try to make it law anyway. Given a spineless GOP, a media that is actually a ministry of propaganda for the regime, and a SCOTUS that is a joke, it will stand. The goal to radically transform America continues. Should some of those who took an oath to defend the Constitution actually stand we might have a chance, but most seem more concerned with Tom and Katie than the destruction of our Republic.

      • Pit…still I don’t see how it becomes “customary” without Constitution, unless Senate with 2/3 rds. allows just O to sign and says so. But Constitution does seem limited in force these days.

    • But with all said about Constitution and Senate…those forces even in our own government are working for that world government. And it will have to be tyranny. Tyranny at the hands of all governments. Still I don’t think Russia, China, and now the Islamic rule of the Muslim Brotherhood of the MidEast are too tuned in to it as the NWO folks wanted. That discord gives our discord a fighting chance, I’m sorry to say because freedom and liberty should be the world’s chant, over oppression by the few, government sorts and religious ones as well. And I am not supporting non religionist ideas. Just that ole time religion of the founders in the Constitution that Justice Ginsberg abhors. Religion of… let freedom ring. Please…I’m OK, you’re OK (a book many years ago). Leave each other alone. None of this gore :

      • This is why there will soon be rivers of blood flowing across our land, and a LOT of us are going to die fighting. Our Constitution and Bill Of Rights ARE the law of the land as far as we’re concerned, and no commie, fascist, globalist, nwo, eugenics, glassy-eyed FREAKS are going to change that until we are all dead. We would rather die standing tall than bowing down. Keep punching until all of us, or all of them, are GONE.

    • Pit I concur. With the sick heart and mind of mankind now as in times past…pillage, plunder, and genocide will likely occur again. Soon, I don’t know.

      You remind me of Joseph Warren of revolutionary days…who said… “These fellows say we won’t fight! By Heaven, I hope I shall die up to my knees in blood!” He said it in conflict. We have yet to find out.

      God Bless America. Not God on our side, but us on God’s side.

  2. Dateline Ohio:

    “I suspect that most people in Cincinnati would acknowledge that I’ve tried real hard, and we haven’t gotten the Republicans to engage on a whole range of issues that, I wish had happened,” Obama said in an interview with WLWT-TV in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    I suspect that I remember Obama saying…to the effect…sit down and shut up John, we won…go to the back of the bus, while I throw most Americans under the damn thing…and good riddance too!

    • All discussion prior, even mine, throws us off the economy discussion. But that discussion is what is the core problem. Another “what is is.” What to do with 7 billion people…first “step in the right direction”…get the means of defense.

  3. We have been drug kicking an screaming down a path we have not wanted as a nation, a path that leads to tyranny and destruction. The will of the people is meaningless. The agenda will go forward, and as it does the times will grow more dangerous. Our vote doesn’t matter, as regardless of what we vote they do what they want. If the Constitutional Republic is neither Constitutional or representative, it is dead. Some of us remember, and God willing, it will be restored.

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