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  1. It is one way to Mexico isn’t it? With no round trips? If so then maybe its “a step in the right direction.”

  2. I see the kali cartel wants to make the entire state a “sanctuary State” for illegal aliens. I swear… it’s got to be something in the water down there. One of my homosexual neighbors said yesterday that she’s moving to kali next week. Good riddance. I know a LOT of Patriots who are (have been) leaving that State in droves to live in a “red” State.

    • By golly you made me think. High Speed Rail should run East for Americans to leave California, and like was said in Florida so many years ago…”will the last American out, please bring the flag.”

      • One of the truck rental companies (uhaul?) provides reports on how many trucks going OUT of the State vs how many coming IN. Workers and businesses Going out of cal in droves. Few coming in to cal

  3. Ha ha ha! No wonder the rest of the country looks at CA as a herd of losers! Gee, like they’re going to drive 40 miles to a train station to go to a stupid town that you still need a car to get around in! Let’s call it as it is. UNION JOBS and POLITICS! The rest of us are hoping the big one hits so CA will float away and we can wash our hands of them. (Note how much the rest of us non CA’s have to pay for their idiocy!)

    • Yep, the last American flag was brought (the Miami one I meant) to the far western panhandle where it still flies. I didn’t bring it…last time I visited… in ’72 there was one American left and he said he would bring it. And it’s here. Maybe Rubio planted one again…we will see.

    • Seriously, these people have all the power and ZERO sense!!! What they have built is a train wreak that will make today’s Greece look like a boom. Who is going to bail us out? The Feds?

      • I think its all part of the Progressives plan. Chaos and economic turmoil allows despots like Hitler and Lennon to arrive on the scene as “The Savior” of the ‘common man’ (Ergo) Middle class.

  4. My son had moved his corp headquarters to CA a couple of years ago. He talks about the CA mentality. His favorite saying to someone there is, “What’s wrong with you people, have you ever been east of CA? It usually shuts them up because they know they’re strange.”

      • We haven’t done songs lately. In thoughts of getting out…and I know you remember when in California…but even so your’d like to go home….:

      • And I mean Home… California like it was. Not cotton fields necessarily, but home.

    • Tip of the hat to you Campy. Visited your site. We are not neophytes, i.e. neocons like the libtards discribe. I like your son’s idea…just strange. Like maybe “The Thing” old movie?

      • It’s just a darn shame the squeaky wheel seems to get all the grease but the horses pulling the wagon are left to starve. Maybe you all can make a difference, I hope so for all our sakes. CA did influence one of my western short stories though, the one called, “A garishly painted sign”. Kind of a spoof 🙂

      • Campy…right! grease the wagon wheel…forget the liniment for old horses and mules ! Hope this comes out in sequence I want. Reply clicker not on all posts.

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