5 thoughts on “Andy Griffith

  1. Unfortunately, he spent his final years advocating for obama and his obamacare schemes. Lucky for him he didn’t have to wait for the regime to do him in. The obama regime lost a schill for seniors.

    • ObamaDOESNTcare is toxic for all Americans, and the fact that the SCOTUS upheld it tells me that the destruction of the Constitution by this administration is complete. Even IF ObamaCare is overturned, the ruling stands as a danger to all of us.

      • Indeed. Sure am relieved that I don’t have children to worry about, but I worry deeply about future generations. The so-called “schools” are responsible for where we are today. Unless we shut those indoctrination camps down we are fighting for nothing. The indoctrination camps will continue to churn out the lassy eyed, fascist-loving commies by the millions into our society. One does not need a math degree to see where this is headed.

  2. Glad you’re back Cowboy. Even as old Unit, as mentioned on Mark Levin program Nov, 2011, I do still have children. So worry for future is at hand. We are on same page.

    As far as Andy being a shill for Obama…I saw his tv comments, gaunt face, slurred words…surprised it was allowed by the left. No way we older ever thought this was the Andy we remember. Left thought it would draw support…I think not. 86 is getting on up there…I’d say he was used. I’ll remember him “my way.”

  3. Happy Independence Day doesn’t seem to be the way to say it. If you saw the irreverance posted on twit. It’s on Drudge. Sick. No firecrackers or florida crackers, or Midwest crackers or just America lovin ‘ crackers… Now its just please,,, God shed your grace on USA. Say something!

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