5 thoughts on “Obama Gets Left Behind – Forbes

  1. News says 90% who contributed $200 to O’s campaign in 2008 ain’t responding in 2012. Not looking for a superhero in Romney, just an American …for a hope and change back to our America. Hopefully.

  2. Obama is an anti-christ.
    He makes me sick.
    His 1470 something days are over. (From the book of Daniel)

    Are you in AZ, Cowboy? I am.

  3. I am in Prescott. 🙂 I LOVE it here! I did live in Monterey, CA…but its so bad there, now. Illegals all over.
    I was in NYC for years and left–now I am way up in the high desert with jackalopes 😀

    • California isn’t even a shadow of the state it once was. Could do several posts on that topic alone. I want to move, but that’s easier said than done right now. Still I am away most of the time. I think I’d take jackalopes over NYC any day. Glad you came by, and thanks again for the comments and the likes. I appreciate it!

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