Caring for the Poor and Middle Class

It amazes me that liberals stand by the argument that they are for the working class and the poor.  Seems to be that you aren’t helping the working class or the poor when you drive jobs away through high taxes and regulations, or when they keep stores like Walmart away, and place huge taxes on cigarettes and alcohol knowing full well the poor will still buy them.  How exactly does outlawing bags or “encouraging” people to buy new vehicles (keeping them in debt) help?  How does massive unchecked illegal immigration help?

How exactly do liberal policies help?

Every child should go to college?  Why?  So they can have the joy of working at McDonald’s with a mountain of debt they can neither repay or get out from under?  Are there that many jobs out there?  I realize they’re saving the word “depression” for a Republican President, but where are the jobs?  Forget the degree, just jobs?  Are they doing anyone any favors?

Somehow creating a mountain of debt by giving trillions of dollars away helps the poor and working class?  That money didn’t go to the poor and working class.  It didn’t create jobs.  It went to the same people the liberals shout that they are protecting us from, the banks, big business, and Wall Street.  No wonder Pelosi is winking at Occupy Wall Street.  The jokes on them!

Restricting the American farmer, taking away water rights and cutting off land use, thus contributing to higher food costs, somehow benefits Americans?  Somehow we have to have open borders to keep farm labor costs down, but the flip side to that is they do everything else to inflate prices then blame everyone else for the high prices.

Sitting on vast resources that we can’t touch, resources of oil and natural gas, inflating the cost of everything across the board, forcing people to choose between filling the tank or paying the mortgage, forcing parents out of the home for greater and greater periods and taking away the time that should be spent as family somehow benefits the people?

And the children, how do these policies help the children?  We all know the claim that liberals protect the children, but how exactly does bankrupting our children’s future while “radically transforming America” help the children?  Is that what they think they’re doing when they outlaw prayer from the public schools (unless it’s Muslim; we don’t want to offend)?

Are they teaching the children to think critically, to recognize the keys to success individually and collectively, to really understand how the world works, or are the teaching them that it is all owed to them?  The key to success as they teach it is not based on merit, but on the color of your skin, or at least the group you claim, just ask Ms. Warren.  Ask the entrance board for Annapolis or West Point.  Those who excel apart from the prescribed box are “evil”, unless it’s a Hollywood celebrity or some other train wreak that we’ve traded real heroes for.  That’s progressive!

Yes, the liberals are looking out for the poor and the middle class, but few of us can afford such love and devotion.

I know, how racist of me!

Some facts for the unconvinced…

January 3rd, 2007, the day the Democrats took control of this nation…
The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77
The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5%
The Unemployment rate was 4.6%
George W. Bush’s Economic policies SET A RECORD of 52 STRAIGHT MONTHS of JOB GROWTH!!!
U.S. Deficit was $247.7 billion the lowest in four years.
And Bush was slammed for average gas prices of $2.29 a gallon for unleaded.

Who is helping the poor and middle class?

14 thoughts on “Caring for the Poor and Middle Class

  1. To quote…”Yes, the liberals are looking out for the poor and the middle class, but few of us can afford such love and devotion.” But now a cancer, finally now malignant, has consumed us. Maybe the face eating situation in Miami, a long way from the Panhandle where I live but still in Florida will reset our button about our…what? I am too sick of the pics to say. Racist…can’t be the word of description needed. Maybe just sick.

    • The “racist” comment was my attempt at humor, since to oppose Obama will cause one to be called a racist, something that I have never understood. It is the last defense of a losing argument, and as such common recourse for the left.

      • And I took it at that. Those who read here know that. But if you saw what I saw in Miami…racist, no…just sick, sick, sick. And I get up in morning and still say it, sick, sick, sick. If this doesn’t end the racist crap…what will…enough is enough. (I didn’t see it live.)

      • Cowboy…I wasn’t being critical…although I see how it could have been construed that way. Philadelphia now passes law against feeding homeless, only government issued permission allowed to do that. It’s the liberal, progressive, really Marxist mantra that’s bringing some folks to…just not feeding the homeless, but feeding on the homeless, i.e. Miami. That’s the collateral damage of liberal policy today. And the most sick is the policy.

  2. Hey Cowboy,

    As far as our children to me what the government is doing is trying to make it where they will have to totally depend on it, for everything. What worries me so much about our kids, is they do not seem to be able to think for themselves. I urge all parents, make your kids “free thinkers.” If they here it on TV from an “expert” then it is all “she wrote.” I always told my kids, “What makes a person an “expert?” All they are presenting to you is their opinion from which they spent thousands of dollars getting a degree for. This degree does not make them an “expert.” These are the people a lot of our youth follow. They are going to be in a mess with it. God Bless, SR

      • Thank goodness I finally hit some right button.

        Elvis was the last of the NON draft dodger artists of song and movies, and so many volunteers before him, Jimmy Stewart was one and many many more. None come to mind, of any since. Fonda?, Cher?, Streisand?, Clooney?, Obama? Obama, yep…song and dance. O more of a black face imitation, and presidential impositor. I bet Julie Andrews loves liberty along with the Iron Lady, and Iron Lady is almost history.

      • Trying to imagine Obama in boot camp! LOL! Say what you want about Bush he did serve. As for artists I know Drew Carrey was in the Marine Reserves. It does seem to be far more common in the past. That’s a shame too.

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