5 thoughts on “Just a Dream – Carrie Underwood CMAs

  1. The wife speaking prior to the song was how we all feel…I think June 26, 2005 a hero died. God Bless her and I think she said two daughters she said at the time. I guess it’s my old ears or the volume control, but song I couldn’t really hear. I’m sure it was meaningful…or SR wouldn’t comment as was done.

    Memorial Day is for those who gave ultimate and final sacrifice. Us regular vets have our day.

    Now… I’m in Florida, the part known as L.A., Lower Alabama. Some sites are asking was the homeless guy in Miami, Poppo, a vet from Vietnam days. He’s that age for sure. No news site has confirmed or even asked, just told of alcoholic past and petty offenses.

    Point is that group of jobless and homeless, and in need of help, is growing. Obama’s Julia don’t address what government is gonna do about that!!!

  2. I mean growing daily with Iraq and Afghanistan vets coming home. Suicide is not the answer. Although I doubt the government cares. Likely would be glad for that solution.

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