Just Thinkin’

The price of meat (and everything else going up) is sure going to put a damper on any weekend BBQs.  It’s a shame.  I’m a huge fan of the family BBQ.  Some of the best memories are made over the summer, chomping down hamburgers, tossing the ball, and getting wet by the shore.  Somehow we’re suppose to believe that the economy is recovering.  Makes me wonder just how long a recession is supposed to last, but given a lack of leadership and moral conviction, it may well be a very long summer.

Recession… and when exactly do they call it a Depression?!  Wait, they’re saving that word for a Republican White House.

Reading over some news today and saw that teen unemployment is extremely high.  It’s not surprising given the economy and the influx of those “taking jobs Americans won’t do”, but it is unfortunate.  Teens need those jobs to learn about responsibility and life.  It is part of becoming an adult, and isn’t that what we are supposed to do?  Help our children become adults?  Encourage them to take on greater and greater responsibility?  Then again, I’m sure that’s now considered abuse.

Seems to me the real abuse is preparing our children to live in a world that doesn’t exist.  Isn’t that what they do in our schools?  Sure, the might get offended by a USMC shirt, but I’m offended by their failure to fulfill their most fundamental task.  They’re arresting parents for kids not going to school, not because they care about the kids, but because they’re broke. They created all of these administrative jobs that make huge salaries.  They left less for the students, but they feel they own them.  It wouldn’t be so objectionable if the children were more than cash cows to fund bloated pensions and administrative budgets.  They don’t want God taught in the public schools, but they sure have a mighty high opinion of themselves.

I’m a big fan of home schooling for those who can do it.

There isn’t much government does well.  I’m not an anarchist, but I am a huge fan of the Constitutional Republic and freedom.  While fascism might make the trains run on time, seems to me that good ol’ American freedom and values did exactly that not so long ago.  We did pretty well in fact.  Socialism might promise to provide for the masses, but somehow the masses were provided for back when we valued things like people over government.  God and family had a place in our nation, and the idea that faith should somehow be divorced from life was recognized as the pure stupidity it is.  Neighbor actually ment something, and people weren’t afraid to help a stranger on the side of the road.

We were, after all, Americans.

6 thoughts on “Just Thinkin’

  1. Twenty years ago it happened many times…some kid or other young person ran out of gas, had a flat and came to the door to use the phone. Welcome, come call. Not so now. Leave TV and lights on so no one will think house is empty. Best not to come a knocking, and that’s right… best not to come a knocking anymore. I’m a “unit” now…have a little arthritis…but index finger still very mobile. Ain’t it a shame what it’s come to?

      • I know you Sou. Cal. by birth and raising, but love Texas, even though one poster a few post back said for Cal. folks to stay out of Tx. 🙂 I ain’t from there myself, Mom born there. Never been more west than Lubbock myself. Anyway…check out this video of West Tx. It ain’t Detroit…needing street lights turned off or on…and really fits in with what was and still is…if “they” don’t do you know what to the rest of us. 🙂

  2. Still just thinking…bit off subject, but not really. You got a link to American Freedom…you surely saw message “couple of days away”… now a month. Not imposing into privacy, just wondering? That’s the problem with so called internet friendships…personal but not even a handshake, that’s the problem with new media or communication. Disappear and who really knows? Don’t we all miss her? I’m sure, “Yeah!”

  3. Still just thinking…I started grammar school, and it was grammar, reading, writing and arithmetic and yes ma’am and yes sir, in 1948. A while ago for sure, seems like yesterday, playing Jacks before school on the sidewalk with the prettiest girl in fifth and sixth grade. Not long after we studied a little history and learned of Hitler’s propaganda. That was war history of Germany then, Never imagined about such a thing as propaganda here in good ole USA. Remember giving a chuckle and a laugh at such stupidity.

    Today and last few days been following the tropical storm that went into Jacksonville Fl today. The website I use has comments section…and persons commenting are talking about the weather stuff that usually comes off Africa which become storms. Mention was made of Bay of Guinea as source.

    Never heard of that place. So googled and found this on Wikipedia:

    “The German edition of Der Spiegel of 28 August 2006 reported that the government of Equatorial Guinea uses the island of Annobón to bury radioactive waste.”

    This nuclear use is so wide spread, even Equatorial Guinea, and they promised and signed a treaty not to use as a weapon, OK. Guinea isn’t a threat maybe, and a promise is a promise.

    I ain’t supporting Iran, but nuclear use is so wide spread…is there a propaganda aspect involved here. Plus this waste is being buried evidently world wide. Never heard or propagandized about that…maybe silence can be propaganda?

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