The Antietam of the culture war – HUMAN EVENTS

It took Joe Biden’s public embrace of same-sex marriage to smoke him out. 
But after Joe told David Gregory of “Meet the Press” he was “absolutely comfortable” with homosexuals marrying, Barack Obama could not maintain his credibility with the cultural elite if he stuck with the biblical view that God ordained marriage as solely between a man and woman. The biblical view had to go. 
Obama had to move, or look like a malingerer in secularism’s next great moral advance into post-Christian America. 
Consider. Obama had an appearance coming up on “The View,” where Whoopi Goldberg would have demanded to know why he lacked the courage of Biden’s convictions. He has a $40,000-a-plate fundraiser at George Clooney’s, where the Hollywood crowd would want to know why he does not end discrimination against homosexuals. 
He has appearances lined up before gay activists raising millions for his campaign. Monday, his press secretary was pilloried for his feeble defense of Obama’s now-abandoned position. 
His hand was forced. Yet the stand Obama took could cost him his presidency. Same-sex marriage may yet be a bridge too far, even for a dying Christian America.

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The Antietam of the culture war – HUMAN EVENTS.

5 thoughts on “The Antietam of the culture war – HUMAN EVENTS

    • I don’t think this seals the deal at all for Obama, but I thought the Biden loose cannon angle was interesting. Sometimes when you look at these VP’s you gotta wonder if it is insurance against getting impeached or killed.

      • Yeah, Biden has always been the loose cannon, even pre-VP. The media always portrays the Rep VP’s as either baffoons or in Cheney’s case, just evil, while portraying W as the baffoon. The Dem’s VP’s are just naturals ever since I can remember (Johnson under Kennedy)!

  1. The Christian community as a whole has pretty much remained silent (speaking here of non-elite, citizens) over a lot of years and the progressive onslaught. Now however, I am seeing signs that they are finding their voice and beginning to stand up and speak up. I hope that you are right….

  2. The biblical view had to go along with saying we are not a Christian nation. Our country hasn’t left us, but our leadership sure has. We remain to see it through. A song to describe those “things” that call themselves “leaders.” They are descending from above…now maybe as drones…trying to smile here. Don’t feel like hitting the smiley face thingy.

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