3 thoughts on “Tell Congress: NO AGENDA 21! | Conservative Action Alerts

  1. Information about this agenda has been out since before I got my Windows 95, but it was with it that I learned about 21 in ’96. It is already firmly entrenched in many U.S. cities. My take is it is basically a sustainability plan, worldwide in affect. A plan to deal with the world population as a “pulsating mass of maggots.” You can google that quote.

  2. Maybe your mayor is signed on to creating sustainable, green communities. I know of no list, but listen to what they say and even more what they do. City rules and laws telling you what you can do with your own stuff, property and personal effects, not the usual zoning laws, which we may support, like you keeping a pig sty next to your neighbor in a tight knit neighborhood. Mayors for years have signed on to:


    And don’t miss Tom DeWeese telling about mayors and iclei back in 2005, telling about 19 year history of this…mess. :


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