Hey Y’all

Thank You!

Sorry I haven’t posted  in a while.  I have read up on your blogs and I have to say that you all truly give me hope.  Here we are, forty plus years into an effort to redefine America, and here you all are fighting tooth and nail for this great nation of ours.  You are all awesome, and it gives me tremendous hope for our future.  Things can look pretty bleak at times, but America is alive in her people.  That ideal, even with the public schools, media, and colleges trying to trash it, even with the federal government taking away holidays and telling everyone how sorry we are, remains very much alive.  Our past IS our hope for the future.  There is nothing revolutionary in having government cram their ideals down everyone’s throats.  The real revolution was what took place in 1776, and what remains alive in each one of you.  The real revolution is FREEDOM!

Remember the values that made us great.  We are a land of tremendous resources and wonderful people.  We are a Christian nation.  We are a moral nation.  We are a free nation.  We do not need government to save us, we need only to save ourselves, to commit fully to the rich legacy that is ours, and stand on the foundation of truth.

They can only take what we surrender, and the time of surrender is over.  It may feel like winter, but springtime exists just around the corner so long as that ideal remains alive and passed along to our children.  You are not content to surrender to the legacy of those who flew North Vietnam flags in the 60’s or sat on an anti-aircraft gun in Hanoi while declaring our military war criminals.  To quote one of their heroes, “They got the guns, but we got the numbers.”  In fact we have the guns and the numbers.

The Republic is anything but dead!  Under attack for a long time, but the United States of America is absolutely alive!  I am inspired by all of you, political blog or not, because you keep this great nation alive.  Thank you!

God bless you all!


8 thoughts on “Hey Y’all

  1. Very nice, Cowboy. For many of us, there are only TWO options.

    1) Fight for as long as we are breathing
    2) Surrender and bow to our knees to lick the chains around us.

    I believe you know my choice.

  2. I am humble and kneel before the Lord. Humble because I’m just a weak servant before the Lord. But I find a torch in my hand from Him…one that must keep going and be passed on. I carry it not bowing before Saudi Kings (Islamic ones and secular ones as well as the ones which the 911 ones liked to visit the whore houses in Miami)and the ChiComs, as Limbaugh calls them. And the dumb ones…progressives, liberals, O, media, the Clintons, Gen. Powell.

    I say all that above…but…only because no heart attack or stroke stopped me. So I guess it was destined…and I have had those problems before. Carry on younuns.

  3. Reblogged this on theconservativehillbilly and commented:
    “Remember the values that made us great. We are a land of tremendous resources and wonderful people. We are a Christian nation. We are a moral nation. We are a free nation. We do not need government to save us, we need only to save ourselves, to commit fully to the rich legacy that is ours, and stand on the foundation of truth.” I love this quote!

  4. ” The real revolution was what took place in 1776″
    I sometimes wonder if it is even being taught in schools

    • Sure it is. But it’s being taught as a bunch of “knuckle-dragging, gun-toting, violence-loving neandertols who have no place in society today”. Those of us who WILL fight for this Nation and all for which She stands are portrayed as same, even worse. The NEA is crawling with commies who’ve succesfully brainwashed three, probably four, generations of our youth. What’s going to happen when We, The People die off? All that will be left are brainwashed, glassy eyed, idiotic slaves. Say goodbye to America as we know it. Our future looks quite bleak. I will know that, in the end, I stood for Her and that I NEVER went down on my knees to lick those chains.

      • Those of us who haven’t been brainwashed in the so-called “schools” know EXACTLY who (what) the “racists” are. The Dims have a horrid record as being racists, where the Repubs do not. It’s a fact, and a fact they’ve successfully turned around and rewritten. Just look at how obama and his clan IDOLIZED Robert Byrd when he bit the dust. He not only recruited hunderds of democrats into the KKK, he was the LEADER of his Chapter! Yes, indeed, Thank a “teacher” for the magnificent LIARS they ARE.

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