10 thoughts on “Delta Dawn

  1. LOLs….I can remember that like it was yesterday…
    Thanks for the memory
    Take Care

    • Had Lisa many years ago…now have Julie over 30. Good luck current and future Cowboys. Won’t make that mistake again…of course don’t have the time either!

      • And it took lots of concessions on naked, barbed wire, sorta slippsy brave one. Who me?

        We can make it if we try. 2012.

      • Glad you loved it. Song and Jessie captivated me, “years ago.” She was outlaw Waylon’s girl and wife who stood by her man again “years ago.” If you read about them…it was sharp, prickly relationship…that ole barbed wire and skin thing again, but obviously the real thing. A good song, I figured, was maybe before yore time!!!

  2. While we are on break from politics…here is another growing up song, for working folks that is…I’ve got lots more as I was around when Hank Sr. traveled around.

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