Amnesty and Taxes

The argument is that amnesty should be granted to illegal aliens so that they will pay taxes.  The fact is that they do file taxes with an  ITIN, an individual taxpayer identification number. A 9-digit ITIN number issued by the IRS provides both resident and nonresident aliens with a unique identification number that allows them to file tax returns.  Sounds good?  Not really.

By claiming dependents, even ones outside the U.S., as well as EIC (Earned Income Credit) these illegal aliens are getting refunds of thousands and thousands of dollars without paying a single dime in tax revenue.  They are not only willing to file their taxes, but look forward to huge refunds while Americans struggle to balance the budget ay home and in their local, state, and federal government.  Claims by illegal aliens equalled  $4.2 billion in tax year 2010.

Please take time to read this article.  This information is vital in understanding the situation.  I would love to hear your thoughts also.  I have seen this going on for years, and it is proof positive that amnesty will not generate revenue but cost us billions and billions of dollars.  Justice Scalia comparing illegal aliens to bank robbers wasn’t so out of line after all.

That’s one hell of a high tax for “cheap lettuce!”  Add to this all of the other facts, and we are paying a huge crippling cost to appease and take care of people who don’t belong here.  It is national insanity to avoid doing what is right for America.  The federal government doesn’t even want states to verify citizenship to vote.  Many areas have come up with idiotic laws to protect illegals while penalizing their own, such as Los Angeles‘ impound policy which will take the vehicles of citizens and not illegal aliens.

All Americans will benefit when and if the United States should finally resolve to deport and punish those who violate our laws, including those businesses that hire illegal aliens.  Automatic citizenship for anyone who can come here and have a baby needs to stop.  Eisenhower deported them, we can too.

A nation without borders is not a nation at all.  To do otherwise is national suicide.  We have always had controls in the past.  To regulate who can come here and who can’t is well within the rights of any nation.  There is nothing racist about it.  The poem on the Statue of Liberty was not an eternal pact for open borders.  It’s a poem, not a Constitutional Amendment!

This issue needs to be addressed.  Both sides have ignored it far too long, and “We the People” are left holding the bill.  A bill of $113 billion a year and growing.  $1.6 billion a year in Los Angeles County alone, and yes, Los Angeles is broke!

9 thoughts on “Amnesty and Taxes

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  2. Send the pic above to McClain for sure and maybe to Rubio. Finger and pat crotch to all legitimate USA citizens as far as I can tell, notice I didn’t say Americans. Why? I remember when my Keds were stamped or labeled “Made in USA.” America goes from where…tip of south america to northern Canada.

    • That’s true about the America’s, but it is part of our nation’s name so I’m cool with the title American. Canada, Mexico, it all works. Wouldn’t call us Statians. LOL! United States OF America. The other American states didn’t join the club. 😉

      • OK. I see your point. Our area had a woman run as dem for U.S Rep. in ’94 while Clinton in charge, her motto was “we’re all world citizens now.” She lost. I guess she is a One Worldian. Anyway, I still like “Made in USA” better then “Made in America.” I still be a smilin’ along wit cha!

  3. Sadly, it’s not just illegals making money getting big refunds without paying a dime into the system. Too many welfare recipients sit on their butts all year, with little or no attempt to find work, then get $6,000+ tax refunds, thanks to EIC. That tax refund should go back to the actual taxpayers who have been paying for their welfare benefits all year.

    • It is insane that the government should “refund” money that was never paid. If they wish to give the credit, fine, but only up to the amount paid in and not a penny more.

  4. WHat a lot of people don’t know is they did a study a couple of years ago showing that if the tomato farmers hired Americans and paid them the minimum wage and offered some benefits, the price of a pound of tomatoes would increase by 5 cents. Sad – wish I could remember where I saw that study.

    • True, but sadly what we have today goes far beyond a single group working the fields. It is funny when I think of my parents and grandparents who grew up in a time when we did most of that ourselves. My Grandma worked many years in a citrus packing plant, and made a living at it. Nothing illegal. People bought oranges. Bills were paid and no big refunds from the IRS.

    • Message if get….wouldn’t I gladly pay 5 cents (dang, wish these computer keyboards had the old cent sign like the old Underwood I learned to type on) more a pound to employ Americans. But like you say…lost study.

      And along with Cowboy’s comment below (or above wherever it shows up) remembering grandma…she used even when I was a little one, ’40’s, something I don’t even know the name of…used to plow a garden…steel wheel in front, plow in back, two long handles curved down at the hand end. Little woman maybe hundred pounds pushed that thing and plowed. Grew everything and canned all they needed. Also shot a double barreled L.C. Smith 12 to shoot squirrels in front yard for the meat portion of meal. Plow long gone, ole L.C. , I did inherit that. 🙂

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