450,000,000 rounds and Amish Terrorists

Yes, RT is not a fan of the U.S., but the question remains; Why does the Dept of Homeland Security need 450,000,000 hollow point rounds for the .40 caliber.  Must be those Amish terrorists and their poison milk!

6 thoughts on “450,000,000 rounds and Amish Terrorists

  1. Sorry to be so consistent and be next poster, but been a few hours, and not replying to myself…read another poster a few days ago that said this ammo is separate from local law purchase and definitely from military. I offer no source, anybody else got info?

    • The military does not and cannot use hollow point ammunition as to do so violates the rules of war. Also the military uses 9mm to remain in line with our NATO allies. This ammo is also not used by law enforcement who use rounds that are not going to go through a few houses before stoping. This round is designed to inflict maximum damage and kill a human. It is not ammo that you would practice with either. Being that this ammo has neither military or police application why are they buying 450 million rounds? Why would DHS need this?

      • OK…so they are going to share with TSA, then each have 1 bullet for each citizen.

  2. There is only one target for hollow point…point of impact. A body…not tearing through walls to reach target as some news articles have suggested. Wall causes the spreading and diminishes impact. So again why ? A firing squad for a lined up group needs only one bullet per person, i.e. Hitler days, if you have seen some of the old pictures.

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