My beautiful wife and best friend has started a blog herself! I’d love for y’all to mosey over and have a look.

The Road to Thin

I went to a diet clinic on Wednesday, finally fed up with being overweight and trying numerous diets that ended with me feeling like a failure.  I needed some extra help because I’ve watched my weight steadily increase since 2009.  I admit it, I’m lazy.  I don’t like to count calories.  I’ll mindlessly munch on some chips and salsa without realizing exactly what I’ve eaten.  It’s hard to gauge.  


I had already made the switch to diet soda-this wasn’t hard for me as I find regular soda too sweet, oftentimes. I didn’t feel bad at all guzzling Diet Pepsi or Diet Cream Soda.  The whammy came when my dentist told me that a lot of the decay on my teeth was due to the carbonation in those sodas…Yes, the diet sodas I had grown to love.  Now, all carbonated soda has been eliminated and replaced with coffee, tea…

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