The Road We’ve Travelled

Unemployment is down!  All praise to Obama!  Of course 88 million people out of the labor force shows that number for what it is.  FALSE!  How does that rate a 50% approval rating?  Must be all those shovel ready jobs he delivered on.  Maybe it’s that fair and correct reporting we get from our unbiased media.  You know, the ones that so adeptly handled the victimization of George Zimmerman and exploited the death of Trevon Martin.  Turns out the real story there is the media itself.  I’m sure Spike Lee will tweet their addresses as well.

Not that President Obama has to worry, what with the NDAA, the Martial Law Executive Orderillegal aliens and dead people voting, we should have a President for Life.  Guess we no longer have to ask what happened in Germany.  The question is, what will we do here?

Seems I’m not alone in this observation.  Judge Napolitano had a few words to say about it.  Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Mark Udall (D-CO) recently made a statement that Americans would be “Stunned” if they knew how the American Government is interpreting, applying and using the Patriot Act, and this with President Obama at the helm.  We know how Ron Paul feels.  In fact, a lot of people are very uncomfortable with where we are at right now.

We have a Constitution, but our Harvard educated Constitutional Law Professor doesn’t know the role of the Supreme Court?  He is going to warn the unelected Supreme Court not to strike down ObamaCare (an unconstitutional law from the Constitutional expert)?  He assumes powers and wages wars in ways completely contrary to the Constitution.  He made an issue of his opposition to Bush’s wars, and yet Obama seems intent on filling the Middle East with plenty of allies for Iran while turning his back on Israel.  Congressional approval for such acts?  Why would the Constitutional Law Professor consider that?

Speaking of the U.S. Constitution, the issue of his birth is far more of an issue now.  A Clinton insider says that even the Clintons knew he wasn’t born here.  Sheriff Joe is digging deep.  The Feds are striking back too.  They are going to sue him for enforcing the law, the one they don’t want to enforce.  The illegal vote is essential to the DNC.  I just hope Sheriff Joe Arpaio doesn’t catch Breitbart disease.  If Obama is not qualified, he is not President.  It is a far question to ask.  The man was never vetted until now.  The Junior Senator from Illinois with no experience (not even a full term) was given a free pass.  Yes, won’t mean much if he actually assumes fascist powers, and that my friends would be far easier than any may think.

All is well!  Obama is in the White House!

3 thoughts on “The Road We’ve Travelled

  1. Indeed, our future looks quite bleak. I’m surprised We, The People haven’t risen up by now to say “Hell to the NO!” to this horrid regime. B.O and his clan belong in handcuffs, awaiting trial and punishment for their numerous crimes against America, Her Citizens and to the entire world.

    “The Junior Senator from Illinois with no experience (not even a full term) was given a free pass.” Yes, he was. Are you aware that his ONLY private sector job in life was as ice cream slinger at Baskin Robbins? True. Check their corporate website. It’s there. Soooooo, when slinging cream was too much work for him, he went back to sucking the life out of America via acorn as their chief trainer and legal council. He TAUGHT those beasts how to lie and cheat. Is it any wonder how they got away with all the voter fraud during B.O.’s “campaign”?

    People seem to have also forgotten that it was B.O. and acorn who sued the federal government (Fannie & Freddie) alongside their inside fellows, Frank & Dodd, to create the housing mess we’ve experienced. Giving loan to those who not only don;t deserve them, they had no intention of repaying said loans. Giving loans BASED SOLELY ON SKIN COLOR. Racists.

    Some people say “obama and his team believe Americans will not remember” and that “Americans are stupid.”

    Well, they are. FOr the most part. *Some* of us DO remember, though. I, for one, will NEVER FORGET what this regime has done to America, and I will NEVER FORGIVE those who voted for, and still support, the marxist liars currently squatting in OUR White House. In spite of overwhelming evidence that proves this regime is bent on destroying this country and our Constitution (The greatest political document ever written), they have demonstrated that they are traitors and unAmerican.

    THey don’t deserve the Freedoms and Liberties for which our Founding Fathers sacrificed so much…….. and I’m beginning to believe none of us do. Apathy has destroyed America

    “But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”
    ~John Adams, letter to Abigail Adams, July 17, 1775

  2. I saw a breakdown on our latest ‘huge’ (120,000 vs 240,000 expected jobs) jog growth this last month. What amazed me was there were only 3,700 actual manufacturing jobs created. Healthcare, govt and service jobs filled the bulk. Service jobs = counter help at McDonalds etc.
    What a frikken farce. I sometimes feel I should saddle up and head out into the Sawtooth range and flip the world the bird…but then it passes and I remain put to grumble and fight back against idiots.

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