Happy Birthday

Y’all, I need to get this off my chest…

Nancy Pelosi recently had a birthday, and I stated that I didn’t think zombies had birthdays.  I never should have said that.  Although it is true that she and her ilk want to consume brains to add to their mindless masses.  Still, it was wrong to compare Pelosi to a zombie.

Zombies are far more honest.  They don’t try to fool you.  You know exactly who you are facing when you face a zombie.  Therefore, I offer my sincere apology to zombies everywhere.  Although there are striking similarities between liberals and zombies, liberals are far more threatening.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Pelosi zombie democrats…from yahoo answers…

    zombies were the revived, mindless bodies of the recently buried, with the speculation that a toxin from shellfish was used to create the zombies by putting victims into a state which resembled death and which made the zombies the mental slaves of zombie masters.

    Remember O won after BP and all the shellfish were contaminated. And recently buried fits in well with Chicago politics, even long buried. Oh well.

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