At the Risk of Scorn

None of us have heard all the story yet about the death of Trayvon Martin.  I am bothered by the push to label this a racially motivated attack by a white on a black.  I am bothered that the photos of the 17 year old 6’2″ football player show a much younger kid.  I am bothered by the assumptions which have gone forth which serve no real purpose other than to turn up the hate and racial division in this country and reenforce bigotry against whites.

It does display racism, racism against white Americans.  I am not defending George Zimmerman, but I am saying people are quick to jump on something if it matches their world view or bigotry.  Even as it has come out that Zimmerman is hispanic, white fits the story better, generates more hate, and that is what they will go with.

The attorney for George Zimmerman maintains that the teen was killed in self defense.  A neighbor has spoken out in defense of George Zimmerman.  Another witness claims that Zimmerman was attacked by Martin.  The screams for help on the 911 call could well be Zimmerman’s.  The police and the DA did not see this as a murder case.

This “Lilly White” town of Stanford is 30% black (higher than the FL average), 20% hispanic and 45% white.

Would we send an innocent man to jail to appease an angry mass of people?  Isn’t that exactly what people say happened against blacks in the south?  Is that justice?

Let’s wait and see what facts come out before people start sending death treats to the police chief or vowing revenge against whites, or Rush Limbaugh, or people who had nothing to do with it.

Some things to consider.

Neighborhood Watch is in essence security, and as such, the main way to stop crimes is to be seen.  To follow someone you find suspicious or to confront them is not outside the norm by any stretch.  If you follow someone, or confront them, and they attack you, you have the right to defend yourself.  Given the nature of the crimes that had taken place in the area, it was not unreasonable to give attention to the stranger passing through.  I do believe that these crimes had played a role in creating this mess.  If Martin did attack Zimmerman, Zimmerman did have the right to defend himself even if Martin was unarmed.

Why Zimmerman had a gun I do not know.  It should not have been his first, last, and only line of defense.  I don’t know what if any identification Zimmerman had to identify his role.  Neighborhood Watch or security is of little use if people do not know who you are.  The Guardian Angels wear their red berets and jackets to identify themselves readily and to increase visibility.  Again, visibility is itself a strong deterrent.

I am deeply saddened that Trayvon Martin was killed.  I am grieved by the whole situation on many levels.

I have not made a judgement here, but emotion has taken over and we have a lynch mob ready to strike.  We have people who much like the whites in Rosewood are ready to strike out regardless of the facts because it fits their prejudice.  Racism is wrong, no matter where it comes from, and the handling of this whole situation is sickening.

Are we looking for justice?  Are we seeking truth?  Or are we looking to promote racism and division?  Do we want equality, or are we going forward with Professor Bell’s brand of racism?

Will we ever move past race?

Let the facts come out, and judge correctly.

20 thoughts on “At the Risk of Scorn

  1. Zimmerman had injuries to the face, a bloody nose and injuries to the back of the head suggesting that he was attacked from behind. What was a black kid, wearing a hoodie doing in a Hispanic gated community? Blacks and Hispanics hate each other. If these race baiter’s are not careful there will be gang wars.

    • There were gang wars in Los Angeles a few years back when the Mexican mafia declared war on blacks. Several were killed, but the story barely made the news. Still the spin is playing on the old southern stereotype, which has nothing to do with this. So many are jumping on this story and ready to last out, thus the reason I included the Rosewood picture. Thanks so much for your comments and the reblog!

  2. I agree, seems like everyone is ready to point fingers. As for racism, it is so embeded in the blacks that they hollar racism at almost anything. I do not think it will go away soon.

    • Unfortunately no, too many people are vesting in racism as a way to make money and control. The SPLC is even having to label the most benign groups as racist because they are running out of people for everyone to be afraid of. If there were no racists, a lot of people would be out of business, and that just won’t do.

    • Personally, I think that saying racism “is so embedded in the black that they hollar racism at almost anything” is in itself an offensive statement. You could also argue that the entire news media realm is bent on reporting racism and that would include far more than just black people.

      But I do agree with you and this well articulated post that the problems of racism will not and are not fading any time son.

  3. I totally agree! I found it odd too that all of these pictures flashing on the television appear to be a kid that is around 15-years old… NOT 17. Why would they do this? Because it doesn’t paint a picture that fits their agenda. I hate that this has happened, but we must remember… innocent until proven guilty in the court of LAW.

    One more thing… Obama was waaaaay out of line when he brought up race during his comments on this issue.

    • Agree 100%! A friend brought up an interesting point on that. Florida is a swing state, and something like this is just what he wants to bring in votes, thus he would be quick to exploit it. Very sad story.

  4. I agree. The Vigilantism of the race hustlers – Sharpton, Farrakhan, and the New Black Panthers – is sickening. These people don’t want justice. They want revenge. Many people, including the media, are jumping to conclusions about why and how this horrible incident happened without knowing all the facts. So much for professional, ethical journalism and news reporting.

  5. The common black sensibility once paralleled the then majority white Protestant ethic. Martin Luther King prayed for his dream: Justice and Brotherhood, not black supremacy replacing white. But generations of entitlement re the government dole and preference has so poisoned the black sensibility of today that the New Black Panthers are an approved symbol, a repudiation of MLK and all he stood for. The government, by creating and subsidizing a clientele, a career and an interest group, has brought about exactly what it said it opposed: Racism, just with reversed colors and government backing instead of government opposition…and the blacks for whom this was supposedly done, are no better but too often worse off as a result, seems to me…

  6. Well said,, Cowboy. There’s two other points worth mentioning here…

    1) Zimmerman is not “white”. He’s half mexican and half black. Interesting that the race-baiting media and racist hate mongerers like sharpton, jackson et al will continue to portray this as a “white on black” crime. Blacks really need to ask themselve, and each other, just WHAT has sharpton, jackson and their ilk done FOR the black communities? They have dragged America back to the ’50’s as far as race relations, and it’s quite obvious they won’t be satisfied until we have an all out civil race war on our soil.

    2) The “no retreat” law recently passed in FL should not even be an issue in this case, BUT…. one thing is for certain….. IF Martin assaulted Zimmerman, as the evidence seems to prove, then Zimmerman had every right to defend himself. If anyone were to attack me, I must assume they intend to harm, torture, rape and/or murder me and I will react accordingly. If they aren’t comfortable with that idea, they ought not go around attacking people.

    If Martin did not attack and assault Zimmerman, and if Zimmerman shot Martin in cold blood, then he should be charge with murder and punished accordingly. The American people would be wise to await the facts in this case.

    The abusive, racist, violent and vitriolic black panthers have offered a bounty on Zimmerman’s head over the lies they’ve been told by sharpton, jackson, et al. WHY isn’t Holder investigating them for that crime? Same reason they didn’t charge them with voter intimidation as they threatened voters during the B.O. campaign. They’re RACISTS.

  7. The latest bit of media travesty is that ABC EDITED the calls made by Zimmerman, calls made on the non-emergency line. The call they broadcast had Zimmerman volunteering the information that he was following a black man. The UNEDITED police recording showed that Zimmerman identified the race of Trayvon Martin only AFTER he was asked by the police operator the race of the person her was following. The mainstream media is participating in the rising firestorm of racism in this country. They aren’t reporting the news anymore. Mainstream media is now CREATING ratings through the creation of false news.

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