A crime is a crime, and “hate crimes” are rarely charged against minorities regardless of the racism or hatred that motivated it. Unfortunately these stories are becoming more common, and all the handwringing in the world won’t do anything to protect our children or stop this insanity. Absolutely heart breaking!

My children go to a school that is 98% hispanic, yet celebrates it’s diversity (code for non white). They sit in classes where Americans (whites) are blamed for every evil under the sun. The result is a racially charged environment where my children deal with racism every day. The underlying attitude that white Americans deserve it, that it is somehow payback for some idiots false understanding of history is common enough as to be completely revolting. Stories like this are not at all shocking to me.

As we abandon our common identity as Americans, as we tear down and divide, as we applaud and make excuses for racism, we will see a continuing escalation in crimes and violence and the decline of our nation. There is much that unites us, but a divided people are easily controlled. There is power to be gained in hate and division, in false labels and even terror, and power is rarely surrendered without a fight.

Yes, I know, how racist of me!

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  1. I was actually accused on ConClub of using the “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” chimps as an “ugly image” against Obama. Seriously. Subsequently, I thought about scouring the web for an image utilizing white chimps just to point out the ridiculousness of the charge.

    Then – just in the nick of time – I came to my senses – and said “screw it.”

    Thanks for the re-blog – as well as your incisive comments, cowboy.

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