Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Fuel prices are at a record high which will no doubt shut down this so called recovery. Add to this that the Saudis have cut production, and we are in for a very rough summer.

There are those who believe that higher fuel prices will force people to go “green”, but all it does is put a choice on people between putting fuel in the car so they can go to work or paying the mortgage. We need to drive. Everything we buy, everything we own, came to us on a truck. High fuel prices will mean high prices period. I don’t think that it is coincidence that high fuel prices coincided with the initial mortgage crisis either. People have no extra money. They will pay for the fuel, but something has to give. Meanwhile we may or may not be going to war in Iran… Brace yourselves!

Speaking of “recovery”, here are 18 statistics that prove the economy has not improved since Barack Obama became President.

And in other news…

The fight is on, and Kansas is the first state to make a move toward passing a law to strike down Obama‘s birth control mandate.  I don’t know what will come of it but I do find it strange that the Constitutional Law professor is the most unconstitutional president we have ever had.

Interesting times indeed!

1 thought on “Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

  1. Hello Robert,

    This is a good post. I am the wife of a truck driver and drove for awhile myself with my Dad. I wanted to see the country, so I went to school hopped the truck with Daddy, and saw it. I am a “Redneck Woman” for sure. Was raised on a dairy, drank cows milk from the tank. Guess what??? I am still alive:>)

    What people do not understand is all that we have does come to us via trucks. When gas prices went up the last time our fuel that year was over 44,000.00 dollars. I cannot even imagine what it will be now. I say, “Truckers shut down for a week. Let the railways handle all of the hauling, then places like Walmart, the grocery stores, clothing stores, feed stores, etc.. can all go down and pick up there own merchandise.” Can you imagine the mess:>) Better yet, let people go into these stores and they be empty.

    Thank you for following my blog, I will add you to my blogroll sometime today. Keep the good post coming. God Bless, SR

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