Charity Within the Family

I have always found it strange that people will not extend the same charity and understand to their own family that they will to a stranger, a friend, or a coworker.

If I call someone family or not, they will always be family. I don’t expect agreement on all issues. That is impossible. I do not expect perfection, as that too is impossible.  Flawed isn’t negative, it is real.

Not every issue needs to be beat into an agreement.  Is that even possible?

My hope, my prayer is that all my relationships, especially with my family, will be one of by mutual charity, understanding and love. Add to this the knowledge that we are all human, and flawed.  May I never be so caught up in the flaws that I fail to see the good.  May my desire for who I wish they were never cloud the reality of who they are and my willingness to accept truth.

1 thought on “Charity Within the Family

  1. Hello Robert, wordpress showed me this post of your’s as a ‘related article’ after I published my recent post. After reading this one, your ‘about’ page and the recent one about your wife’s birthday, I must complement you on your straightforward way with writing. It’s admirable!

    And, can I just say ‘ditto’ to what you say here? Amen to all your prayers….

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