Church and State

I find it strange that a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptist Association in 1802 would lead to the establishment clause, or the Separation of Church and State.  It was not an official document, it was a letter.  Much like the poem on the Statue of Liberty, somehow this became secular dogma.

Jefferson believed that our nation, unlike almost every other nation on earth, should not have an official church.  His intention was to assure the Baptists that as the Constitution states, they have freedom OF religion.  The government should “make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

To state that somehow Jefferson believed that faith was to be divorced from the person, or that public appeals to God were to be banished, is a gross misrepresentation.  He used an appeal to our common faith in the Declaration of Independence, a document which, unlike his letter, is a foundational document agreed upon by the Continental Congress.

The battle over the concept of Freedom OF Religion vs. Freedom FROM Religion rages today.  Does faith hold a place in public life?  If faith is real, it is part of who they are on every level.

A person can separate their civic duties from their religious convictions.  Any assumption otherwise, especially as people of faith and various denominations have demonstrated their civic convictions and abilities, reflects a tremendous bigotry.

It is these same bigots that scream the loudest about the separation of Church and State, who fight to remove God and faith from all public display.  They are the same who applaud loudest when Obama moved to directly attack the faith of Roman Catholics with the weight of Federal mandate.  The hypocrisy is glaringly clear.

Rick Santorum or any political figure can’t speak to his fellow believers on matters of a common faith without raising a red flag.  He can’t hold personal religious convictions without having his faith ridiculed and being declared unfit, not because of his political stances, but because of his faith.

However, Obama can sit in a church with a black Father Flannery and misquote Jesus’ teachings on gifts to make a case for taxes, and there is no issue.  He can directly attack fundamental beliefs of the largest religious denomination in the world, clearly violating the First Amendment and the separation of Church and State.


Our government bends over backward to apologize to Muslims, the same who are now killing our soldiers, but attacking the faith of most Americans is a non-issue.  We can’t have the Ten Commandments displayed, or prayer in school, but we will consider Sharia Law, or allow Muslim prayer areas in public schools and universities.

Our media thinks twice before ridiculing Islam but regularly mocks Christianity.

83% of Americans identify themselves as Christian, but they are to have no rights and be pushed out of the public arena?  Their psychology is to be questioned or their loyalty to our nation doubted.

We are told we are in the post-Christian era, that we are not a Christian nation.

I wonder what letter Jefferson would say today.  I’m sure this was not his intent.


A Question of Time

I hold a great passion for history.  I have held a passion for history since I was a child.  It has never been about dry facts and dates, but the real experiences of people who lived before us.  I find it inspiring, and at times heartbreaking.  I’d rather sit down to a good history book than a novel.  I like to see how the pieces all link together, and imagine what I would have done in those times.  Our history is the roadmap of how we came to today.

I recognize that a lot of people don’t share that passion, and that history as a subject for American students is woefully lacking.  While I respect that it is not everyone’s passion, we do a tremendous disservice to our youth by neglecting such an important area.

There has always been the issue of history being dry facts and dates, but history is anything but.  If that is what the student has received it is because the teacher has failed to make it come alive.  The textbooks don’t help either.

I have five children, all still in school, and I was shocked when I went through their history books with them.  The presentation is disjointed and makes huge leaps while presenting an overly simplified version of American history.  It is overtly hostile to the American people and leaders, while whitewashing all others, except maybe universal bad guy Adolf Hitler.  It is more concerned with propaganda than history, which is never so black and white as they might say.

I do enjoy going over the history lessons with them, but if the little bit of history that is taught is unbalanced and hyper critical of the United States, where is the benefit?  If we to raise a generation to believe that their country is evil should we marvel if they fail to believe in it?  How are we to join as one nation united under certain ideals if none of that is taught?

The United States has done some great things, and yes, some evil things.  It is in the balanced presentation that we can correctly understand our past and move forward to make the corrections that will bring us closer to the ideals upon which our nation was founded.

As history has become politicized, the truth has largely become hidden under false emotion by those who are more concerned with their agenda than reality. To stand up in front of a classroom and condemn George Washington while wearing a Che t-shirt hardly reflects balance or academic responsibility.

The only motive in presenting our past as a cartoon loosely based on reality is to subvert any pride in America with the intention of removing it far from it’s foundation.  There are those who want that in America today.  These are the same people who denounce John Wayne movies and the like as American propaganda, but what is presented in those movies, biased as it is, is far more balanced than what is presented in classrooms across the United States.

To these people, American can have no heroes, because they are flawed people.  The reality is everyone no one is perfect, but that does not take away from their heroism, or the value of their ideals.

When U.S. college students don’t know our history, what hope do we have of preserving our nation?  What hope does the concepts of liberty and freedom have against the teacher in the Che shirt?  Will the sacrifices made for freedom hold any meaning to those who can identify Cesar Chavez, but not Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln?  To those students, the United States is nothing to be proud of.

If only they knew…

February 21, 1975

Today is a very special day for me.  On this day, February 21, 1975, the woman who would one day become my wife and the mother of our five beautiful (if sometimes challenging) children was born.  This is her 19th birthday that we have shared, and as she was 18 when we married, we have now shared more as a couple than she had apart from me.  To me that is a very special milestone.  Although she never has been very big on her own birthday, to me this date is very important.  Apart from her, my life would be less.

She is very smart, stubborn, passionate, and beautiful.  She is tough, and I admire her strength.  It’s not the fake kind that doesn’t feel, but the real kind that makes a difference in the lives of those around her.  She has the most amazing gift of love.  She is my best friend.  She is not perfect, nor am I, but I know that what we share is very special and I treasure her.  I am very much in love with her.

I look forward to the years that lay ahead, to growing old with her.  Life really is about the journey, not the destination.  The latter tend to be fleeting then on to the next.  A journey has its high points and its low points, but a journey shared is priceless.

I know that she worries about getting older.  I think most women do.  I told someone once that the great achievement in life would be to look back at 90 over all the years we have shared, the family we have together, and to know and love the woman still by my side.  Life takes a lot of turns, and there are no promises, but to me that would be a great achievement.  I will gladly kiss that woman and hold her close to me!

Thankfully I don’t have to wait to kiss her.

Today is a special day.  On this day in 1975, she was born, and I celebrate that, because she is everything to me!

Happy Birthday Courtney!  I love you!



Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Fuel prices are at a record high which will no doubt shut down this so called recovery. Add to this that the Saudis have cut production, and we are in for a very rough summer.

There are those who believe that higher fuel prices will force people to go “green”, but all it does is put a choice on people between putting fuel in the car so they can go to work or paying the mortgage. We need to drive. Everything we buy, everything we own, came to us on a truck. High fuel prices will mean high prices period. I don’t think that it is coincidence that high fuel prices coincided with the initial mortgage crisis either. People have no extra money. They will pay for the fuel, but something has to give. Meanwhile we may or may not be going to war in Iran… Brace yourselves!

Speaking of “recovery”, here are 18 statistics that prove the economy has not improved since Barack Obama became President.

And in other news…

The fight is on, and Kansas is the first state to make a move toward passing a law to strike down Obama‘s birth control mandate.  I don’t know what will come of it but I do find it strange that the Constitutional Law professor is the most unconstitutional president we have ever had.

Interesting times indeed!

Political Vel Craft

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