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Arizona strikes back: State investigates feds over gun-running  They absolutely should!  As should Texas and Mexico.  The Fast and Furious case added fuel to a fire that has resulted in thousands of deaths and subverted the security of the border and a neighboring nation.

And in related news, one Mexican state bordering the US was deadlier than all of Afghanistan last year.  It doesn’t take much to see that this is not good for the United States or Mexico.

Speaking of Fast and Furious, Uncle Ted Nugent had a thing or two to say about the subject.

It is already spreading here.  1.4 million gang members and more pour into the United States.  That is roughly the size of our joint active duty military, that is before Obama’s military cuts reduce that number by one third.

It is argued that Gay Marriage would not interfere with our First Amendment rights.  Guess again!  It will be really interesting to see where all of this leads.

I blogged about this, but it bears repeating.  As we are in dire need of jobs and oil, our politicians deny us both.  Obama’s Keystone Denial Prompts Canada to Look to China Sales.  We also dropped the ball on Brazil, as China gets jump on U.S. for Brazil’s oil.  It really makes me wonder what they are thinking.  The economy, our need for oil, and the instability in the Gulf all make Keystone the right thing for us to do.  If the Strait of Hormuz is closed down how high will fuel prices go?  Remember, it isn’t just fueling up that Prius, it is every item in your mall and local 7-11 that will cost far more.

They now know who all those body parts at the Hollywood sign belong to.  Just another day in paradise!

The battle over our freedoms continues, specifically with regard to the internet.  as SOPA and PIPA votes are to be delayed.  I hope it isn’t like Obama signing the NDAA.  Wait until everyone is hung over and busy with football to sneak the bill into law.  After all, no one is looking.

Well, that’s not exactly true, we are looking!

On a lighter note…

6 thoughts on “In the News…

  1. One solution to our border problem: Bring all of our trops home from Afghanisatan, yes I said Afghanisatan, and station them in all the states bordering Mexico. Let’s see how many illegals get accross, and how much dope comes in and guns go back accross to Mehico! Naw, that would make too much sense. Forget I said anything. Great post. J.

  2. Washington has micro-managed this country in to a coma for the past 50 years. I am speaking specifically of Democrats & Republicans. They own this entire mess, together, equally.. One mess after another. Over, and over….
    Wake up, America, and throw all of them, out of CONgress. Literally throw each one out, and replace them with, Americans that subscribe to the rights under the constitution. You are correct. States should be making many of the laws Washington seems to think, with the one size fits all mentality is good enough, for the individual states. Different needs & circumstances. However, I believe in a basic umbrella to maintain some consistency under the Constitution.
    On a lighter note…..I guess it depends who’s watching. I’ll go with Marilyn & Elizabeth….

  3. Hmnn…looking at the girls (the news can wait): the largest, most powerful sex organ is the brain, right? Since now they’re pitching to public school grads (like me) and dropouts, they’re targeting the second largest, which requires a lot less…

    Obama’s talk is all about recovery (which is a manufactured fake) but his policies are all restricting economic output and solvency to support that. He’s taking us to a lower economic level with less wealth to satisfy the limit-the-population crowd…and the lemmings supporting him are going to be the first to complain when reality falls on them. Betcha!

  4. Obama is doing a great job as President. He is starting to get the hang or outwitting the right wing nut jobs and they are reacting in hysteria. Obama has done more to secure the borders than Bush ever attempted. We have not had a large scale attack on our shores like we did when Bush was asleep at the swithch. Our service men are coming home and the military’s tatical mission is being made stornger. The defense budget has gone up not down and unfortunately the cuts we are talking about in the news are not nearly what the country needs to come in line with the actual threat. Our economy is turning around from the destructive Bush year. You all should be supporting Obama who is supporting America not tearing at its seams like the right in a racial rage.
    Corporations are not people.

    • Bush wasn’t any gift as Prez I’ll grant; Obama thouugh is presiding over our burial under unsustainable debt via increasing deficits. What the returning military will find as jobs as they’re discharged is unresolved, too. Obama’s Treasury guy Geithner (who handled Bush’s bailout for Hank Paulson, Bush’s Treasury guy) just said in public that the administration has no plan for dealing with the deficits. Neither Bush nor Obama has changed a single aspect of our failing national finances and it’s all coming down…Betcha!

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