When Bush was President, some people talked about liberal States seceding from the Union.  With Obama as President, some people talk about conservative States seceding from the Union.  It seems to me that there is a simple solution whereby ALL can have the government they wish.

Imagine IF the Federal government was limited, like in say, the U.S. Constitution, and the conservatives could have conservative States and the liberals could have socialist States all within the Union, and we could see who has the better idea.  Instead we have a HUGE Federal government that grows like a tumor, forcing centralized politics on the nation and destroying the Constitution while the States are left wondering if secession wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Let the States have the power that is theirs in the Constitution.  Let the States reflect the value and make up of their people.  Let’s stop pretending that there is a one size solution for all the States and recognize that there are regional differences.

Maybe it is simple, but it is far more in line with the Constitution and it allows each State, each group, to define their place in the Republic as they see fit.  It makes no sense for policies to be dictated to the States by people who don’t live there, who don’t understand the people and the State.  It makes far more sense to allow Alaska to have laws that are right for Alaska, and New York laws that are right for New York. Whatever the people want the State to be, let it be, within the framework of the Constitution, and let the other States likewise be what they wish to be.

To continue as we are, looking to the Federal government to dictate policy to the States will only lead to increasing talk, and talk will eventually lead to action.  Just ask John C Calhoun!

3 thoughts on “SECEDE!!!

    • Well, that is the real reason the Union invaded the Confederacy so you probably have a very good point there. If they can’t afford it within their own state, then they don’t need to do it. At least that’s my take on it. With all the talk of all that European nations offer their people, the truth is that Europeans pay huge taxes for all of that, and even so, many of the nations in Europe can no longer afford their socialist utopias. I suspect such efforts would implode, but I’d rather have California implode than the nation. Borrowing from China will only work so long.

      • Let’s not get into the reasons for the Union’s attack upon the South or anything else surrounding the lead up to that war. It’s way too complex for a blog post’s comments.

        But yes, I too think more should be done at the states’ level because they can’t kite checks like the feds are foolishly allowed to.

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