Update to “Crazy Times”


NBC has decided not to air the “Donkey Semen” episode of Fear Factor.  This story is revolting on so many levels.  Air or not, the contestants were required to drink it, and someone thought that was entertainment.  Is this really what passes for entertainment now?

Yes cat, I agree!

Random Thoughts on the GOP

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The first time I ever voted in an election was in 1984, and that vote was cast for Ronald Reagan.  Unfortunately I have not had the honor of voting for anyone even close to his caliber since.  In my mind, he was and is everything that Republican should be.  I wish that were the case to the GOP.  I’ve heard that the establishment never really liked Reagan, and have abandoned true conservatives since the defeat of Goldwater in ’64.

Since 1984, I have voted Republican except in 1996 and 2008.  In 1996 I voted for Harry Browne, Libertarian and author of the book “Why Government Doesn’t Work“.  I supported Harry Browne in 1996, and yes, I support Ron Paul now.

In 2008 I voted on every issue and every race except for President.  I loath John McCain.  I believe that Barack Obama won in 2008 not because he was such a great leader or speaker, but rather because McCain was so completely wrong.  The best thing McCain had going for him was Sarah Palin.  Conservatives did not like McCain, and although he won the nomination, he never had the support of the base.  The angry white RiNO was never going to win, and that was obvious when his campaign became one of defending Obama and not bringing real solutions to the table.

I would never have voted for Obama, and I will not in 2012.  The man had no experience, and when our nation needed leadership, he is what we got.  Of course his politics are pretty far removed from mine as well.  I am not liberal.  I lean libertarian, so there are issues I agree with liberals on, but my distrust of big government runs far too deep.

The primaries are going, and the race is down to Romney or Gingrich.  If Paul is still in I will vote for him in the primary, and in the general I will vote for Romney or Gingrich.  I’m not thrilled by either, and I am left wondering if the GOP isn’t going to see itself fall apart.

Simply put, the GOP has become Liberal Lite.  In the absence of the Soviet threat, and holding a disdain for Goldwater and Reagan, it is a party that has lost its soul.  You are not the party of vision when what you stand for is nothing more than “We aren’t them”.  Everything else is just lip service.  The party of small government and less regulation has grow government and increased regulation, but to a lesser degree than the Democrats.  Democrat Lite!!!

At a time when many in this country still subscribe to the Reagan Revolution, to the ideals of the Republic, it seems both parties are intent on growing government.  The Tea Party emerged not out of the GOP, but out of the people who observed a government that no longer reflected the will of the people.  Most Americans agree with the Tea Party.  In many ways the Occupy Movement reflects the same frustrations from the base of the other side.  Big government is rightly perceived as a threat, and a pawn to big business and big labor.  The people are betrayed, and it is time to reclaim our birthright.

Gingrich is the face of the post Reagan GOP, that gave lip service to the Gipper but followed corruption.  The GOP failed in their contract with America.  They did keep Clinton in check, thus his legacy is greater than it should have been, but for all the opportunity, the GOP went for power over principle.  In going after Clinton and not just keeping him in check, they laid the groundwork for what was later seen with the Democrats accusing Bush of masterminding 9-11.  Of course they also said he was the village idiot.  Politics doesn’t always make sense.

Romney is the face of the GOP today.  He is not a conservative.  I know what he says, but how much does it really mean?  I have no issue with the concept that what is fine at the state level is not fine on a federal level, and thus I can overlook RomneyCare.  I believe he will work to overturn ObamaCare.  He will not fulfill the ideals of the Reagan Revolution.  He will not work to restore our rights.  He will not work to scale back government.  He is better equipped to deal with our economic reality than our current president, but he is no Reagan.

So liberal lite, or conservative?  Conservatives are the single largest ideological group.  The future of the GOP hinges on that question, and if it is the former and not the latter, the GOP will go the way of the Whigs.

These Crazy Times of Ours

Ok everyone, I have some new stories to share with y’all!  Click the link to read some really interesting stories.  Feel free to comment!

I can’t say that I have ever been a Fear Factor fan.  I think it is more freak show than entertainment.  It looks like they are running out of ideas.  This stunt absolutely crosses the line.  Come on people!

Are people really eating fetuses?  Seriously?!

I can respect this.  After getting a speeding ticket, a SC mayor pulled over the Trooper who gave him the ticket.

Anyone remember playing tag as a kid?  Times have changed!

It seems that ghosts have been busy lately, or at least a lame excuse.  Check this story out.

And don’t forget this one where the ghost beat up the man’s wife.

This idiot wanted to fight a cop.  So he calls 911 and asks to see an officer so he can fight one.

This woman spent 902 days on the toilet.  That’s 2.5 years on the pot.

This story gives trailer trash a whole new meaning!

A California police officer was having sexual relations with a minor, but no need for a trial.

I am so glad the police found this child.  What kind of mother would do this?

I’m starting to wonder if the chemtrail conspiracy people are right after all!


Love, Heaven, and Hell

If you really love someone, does that mean that you force them to be with you?  If it is your mate, your friend, your family, or even your child, would it be right to force them to stay with you?  Can you force love?  Can you force a relationship?  As real as the connection is, as real as the love that you feel, if it is forced, it isn’t love.  There is no benefit, no real connection if there is no choice.  A spouse or loved one, if they chose to go, you let them go.  Your child, if an adult that desired to break bonds with you leaves no recourse but to let them go and hope they will come back.  My family will always be my family, but I cannot force a relationship that is rejected.  In fact, to force a relationship is to destroy any chance at a real relationship.  It is not love.  It is not even close.

Yet when people talk about God all that logic goes out the window.  Many people say God is love, therefore all must enter heaven, but does that make sense?  I have no doubt about God’s love, but does love force someone to stay with someone they want no part of?  Apart from choice is there meaning?  Does God deserve less than what we want within our own relationships or do we believe because He is God that somehow His forcing someone to spend eternity with Him would be right?

Who would reject heaven?  It seems illogical because it is, but people often make illogical choices.  It happens every day.

As much as heaven is perfect, would it be perfect for someone who wanted no part of God, who set their heart against Him?  Would it be right for God to force that person to share eternity with Him?

It is our choice, a choice that He has given us.  He does not wish that any should spend eternity apart from Him, but He does not force anyone to share eternity with Him.  To do otherwise would not be love.  As horrific as the thought of hell is, where is heaven for the person who rejects God?  Would it be with Him for all eternity?  There is no heaven apart from Him. Hell was not created for us.  In His love He created heaven for us.  Eternity apart from Him is not His will.  It is our choice.

How does a loving God send people to Hell?

He doesn’t…

loving relationship does not force an eternal bond upon someone who wants no part of that relationship.  Anything else isn’t love.  Anything else would not come from a loving God no matter how much He desires that relationship.

Teenage Rebellion

Most of the time, what my Mom wanted me to do was for my benefit.  She did want me to get a perm.  Not sure why, but for years she kept telling me to get one.  I never did give in on that one, and I am glad that on that point I held my ground.  There are embarrassing pictures of my youthful rebellion floating around, but no perms.

My hair is naturally curly.  I hated it.  The cool hair in junior high was the Shawn Cassidy hair, parted in the middle, straight, and feathered back.  That was never going to happen with my hair.  Fortunately, times changed, and later in the ’80’s I could do all kinds of things with my hair.  The curl was good, and as much as I could never feather it, I sure could get a pretty good pompadour.

It would be nice if hair was all there was to teenage rebellion.  I would be fine with whatever hairstyle or clothing.  Unfortunately it doesn’t always express itself that way.

My oldest son is 16.  He has managed to find his way into all sorts of trouble.  He does not go to regular high school.  He has done drugs, stealing, and hanging out with the wrong crowd.  He has even been arrested for possession.

I use to believe that kids go that way because of bad things that happened in their lives.  I’m sure that is a cause for some, but I no longer believe that is always the case.  I’m not a psychologist.  As much as I am vesting in my child and trying to figure out his motives, I cannot do so.  If there is something I don’t know of, he isn’t sharing it.  Boredom and companionship seem as much a driving force as escaping pain.

As a parent that it is easy to blame yourself.  We have made mistakes, as no parent is perfect, but this isn’t how we raised him.  I want so much more for him.  I can reason through the pain, as I do not control him.  He is an individual who makes his own choices right or wrong.  That does not erase the pain.  I think too many parents beat themselves up over their child’s choices.  It is easy to do, but it doesn’t make it right.

I can share my values, and talk to him about why they are important.  I can love him deeply, and I do.  I can and do impose rules and force compliance.  What I can’t do is force him to embrace truth.  That must come from him.

I believed strongly that if we could move him to a different place it would change the direction he was heading.  I am not sure of that anymore.  There is that element everywhere, and as he has made his home among a certain group, he will likely seek out that group no matter where we are.  It has become his comfort zone.  It is up to him to change that.

I have seen kids I grew up with go that same direction.  Some turn out fine, but many handicap themselves for years.  Some never make it out at all.  I wish he had chosen better.

I wish his rebellion was saying no to a perm.


In the News…

Arizona strikes back: State investigates feds over gun-running  They absolutely should!  As should Texas and Mexico.  The Fast and Furious case added fuel to a fire that has resulted in thousands of deaths and subverted the security of the border and a neighboring nation.

And in related news, one Mexican state bordering the US was deadlier than all of Afghanistan last year.  It doesn’t take much to see that this is not good for the United States or Mexico.

Speaking of Fast and Furious, Uncle Ted Nugent had a thing or two to say about the subject.

It is already spreading here.  1.4 million gang members and more pour into the United States.  That is roughly the size of our joint active duty military, that is before Obama’s military cuts reduce that number by one third.

It is argued that Gay Marriage would not interfere with our First Amendment rights.  Guess again!  It will be really interesting to see where all of this leads.

I blogged about this, but it bears repeating.  As we are in dire need of jobs and oil, our politicians deny us both.  Obama’s Keystone Denial Prompts Canada to Look to China Sales.  We also dropped the ball on Brazil, as China gets jump on U.S. for Brazil’s oil.  It really makes me wonder what they are thinking.  The economy, our need for oil, and the instability in the Gulf all make Keystone the right thing for us to do.  If the Strait of Hormuz is closed down how high will fuel prices go?  Remember, it isn’t just fueling up that Prius, it is every item in your mall and local 7-11 that will cost far more.

They now know who all those body parts at the Hollywood sign belong to.  Just another day in paradise!

The battle over our freedoms continues, specifically with regard to the internet.  as SOPA and PIPA votes are to be delayed.  I hope it isn’t like Obama signing the NDAA.  Wait until everyone is hung over and busy with football to sneak the bill into law.  After all, no one is looking.

Well, that’s not exactly true, we are looking!

On a lighter note…

Support the Arts

One man sees a play which he really enjoys.  He tells his friends that they should go see it and they do, thus the play is a success.

Another man sees a play that he really enjoys.  He tells his friends and everyone else that they must give the play $5.  It does not matter if they see it or not.  To those who object he offers scorn and criticism for their failure to support the arts, and forcibly takes the money from them.  After all, the play is art and must have support.

The former reflects the natural order of things, while the latter reflects governments view of things.

Personally, I prefer the former.


One Size Fits All

The independence of the states within the Union once served as a check on coercive social experimentation.  One size does not fit all, nor should everything be dictated from Washington.  If Massachusetts wishes to socialize the state, while Texas limits the role of government, so long as it is within the framework of Constitution, should that even matter?  Let Massachusetts and Texas each pay for their own government, and show the views of their own people, different though they are.

Much of what the Federal government decides should be decided at the state level.

Laws that may seem perfectly right and reasonable to the people of California may not hold the same importance or logic to the people of North Dakota or Alaska.  The one size fits all mentality of the Federal government, which tends to cater to the urban experiments at the cost of rural folk, does not work.  It only serves to breed resentment and deny the people their rights within the framework of the Constitution.

Why should the Federal Government decide that what the people of Los Angeles want is forced on the nation?  Is it not better to see the cost of socialism impact a state and not the nation?

For a society that claims multiculturalism is a good thing, why do we not allow for regional differences?  Is difference of culture and view something that we will only allow to foreigners?

Being one people does not mean that we surrender our regional differences.  Truly, there are things we should agree upon, as we are a nation based on an ideal and not a race, but is there not room within that ideal for individual rights and regional color?  I believe there is, and to force a one size fits all approach is to force a great number of people to all conform to one mindset.  It is a gross misrepresentation of the American ideal.

Fiddling While Rome Burns

Canada Pledges to Sell Oil to Asia After Obama Rejects Keystone Pipeline!  Once again our politicians are playing games with a much-needed resource and American jobs, and in a move that borders on criminal, both are pushed aside to China‘s benefit.  How does this benefit America on any level?  Is Republican Democrat posturing more important than the welfare of our nation?

We are in a recession still, although that term makes me wonder at what point do you call it a depression.  We have the worst economy since the Great Depression.  Rather than create American jobs and reduce our dependence on Arab oil, we are going to increase government spending by another trillion and increase government tyranny through NDAA, SOPA, and PIPA.  Who knows what other Orwellian measures they can dream up.  Meanwhile the American media is more concerned with which celebrity is in rehab or jail, and who is having sex with who.  It is disgraceful!!!